Together with our clients we deliver unique digital products and cloud services

Polidea is a development studio.

We are a team of experienced software engineers, testers and project managers who are passionate about what they do. Working at the intersection of business and technology, we deliver end-to-end digital solutions cooperating with our clients in the areas of healthcare, fintech, consumer electronics and more!

Our clients are our partners. Their passion comes from working on innovative solutions, making a change. Through mobile apps, embedded firmware and cloud solutions, together we create products that improve people’s lives and businesses. Side by side with our design studio Utilo, we ensure a project’s success by focusing on the users as well as the business context and technical opportunities.

We won’t lie that we know it all. What we do know, however, is tech and design.

We are your partners in product development. Let’s create.

Meet the team!

Diversity is key in creating unique ideas! We’re always looking for passionate people to join us

What we believe in


We believe in unique ideas and points of view. At Polidea you never walk alone—we get you on board, find you a perfect project and even help you choose the best fridge for your apartment.


Thanks to our boutique approach, the team of experienced specialists is personally engaged in every stage of the development process and makes sure our clients get the best results.

Personal growth

Mastery is one of the most important motivators for us. Here you can stay curious and focus on personal initiatives, knowledge sharing, learning and growth.


We're all different—and it feels great! Coming from various backgrounds, cultures and beliefs, we respect each person for who he/she is and celebrate diversity.


By staying honest and delivering quality we build long-term relationships with our clients. Plus, our employees feel trusted and free to explore their full potential.


Stay true! Celebrating feedback culture, Polidea is a safe space for speaking up your mind and giving honest feedback.

To further safeguard sensitive information of our clients and our internal data, we have been consequently meeting the requirements for our information security management system. As a result, we are now conforming to the ISO 27001 standard!

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