Polidea delivers
solutions that empower people and businesses

Warsaw - Berlin - San Francisco

Polidea is a design and development studio based in Warsaw, Poland. Since 2009, the team of user experience designers, software engineers, testers and project managers create mobile applications, Internet of Things solutions and complex digital ecosystems.

We strive to create tech stories that matter, delivering projects that have a positive impact on the society, fuel businesses and provide immersive digital experiences. All under the idea of #PositiveTech and according to our set of values.

Let's meet

We are always happy to meet talented people!

Our values

Our set of values guides us through our everyday work and offers a deeper perspective on what we do and how we do it. It expresses our attitude, keeps us together and it is always something we can relate to. At the end of the day, what counts is the story we all create.

Create great things together! Make it about collaboration

Make it yours! It's quality that counts

Stay curious! Focus on personal growth

Be yourself! Nurture individuality

Make it about people! It's all based on trust

Stay true! Let honesty guide the way

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As a part of the community, we are committed to contributing to open source projects and initiatives. We organize MCE, one of the leading tech events, to inspire an exchange of knowledge and ideas. MCE Conference is divided into two tracks—Engineering and Design.