UX Prototyping

Ensure the success of your product with UX prototyping!

Save time and money on project development with low fidelity and high fidelity prototyping! Create a testing environment and collaborate easily with your stakeholders.

Why do you need UX prototyping?


Communicate better

Reduce the risk of misinterpretation. UX prototyping allows you to explain your ideas in a clear and productive way!


Collaborate effectively

Thanks to prototypes, all stakeholders are on the same page when visualizing the idea and can constructively discuss design concepts and identify flaws. This leads to improving the final design.


Generate ideas

A prototyping process gives you a chance to experiment. Visualizing ideas will help you see the potential advantages and disadvantages of each option.


Test & get insights

A prototype can be tested with users recruited from a target group of your product. Conducting user testing at an early stage of a design process lets you identify problems and fix them before a product is launched.

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Tools we use for UX prototyping


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Best Buddies

Social App for an Inspiring Organization

We have delivered iOS and Android apps for Best Buddies, a non-profit organisation, whose goal is to end the isolation of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Thanks to the thorough field research and user testing, the app has been perfectly tailored to our customer’s needs, helping Best Buddies members to build one-to-one friendships and social groups across all of the US and the entire world.

They really merged the design and engineering aspect together. They made real recommendations in terms of the UX that benefitted the project and were necessary, given our lack of expertise as a client.
Bill MaurerDirector of Online Programs at Best Buddies International


E-commerce App to Highlight Creativity

Polidea’s team delivered iOS app for the pioneering e-commerce platform by creating prototypes for micro interactions and transferring the look and feel of Showroom’s website onto a mobile screen. Our Creative Team made sure the app looks beautiful and feels intuitive thanks to the clear information architecture.



Accessible iOS Mobile Application for Streaming Audio Articles

Papereed is a Swedish-based startup offering a range of audio services. After conducting an accessibility user testing and creating a comprehensive report on accessibility features and recommendations for further development, we delivered an iOS app. We made sure the app is attractive, intuitive and easy to use for all the users: those who suffer from vision impairment, who are blind or fully sighted.

With no prior experience in designing fully accessible software it was of great help to be able to work with Polidea. They quickly understood the core concept of our ideas and could turn them into tangible designs, and, later on, code.
Ola AnderssonFounder, Papereed

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