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Wearable Tech Empowering People!

Our Creative Team (now, Utilo—Polidea’s design studio) delivered an MVP of the iOS and Android apps for the wearable tech product designed for athletes to measure the level of oxygen in blood cells using LED light. The MVP gave important information about whether the system works as planned and if the solution is useful and appealing to the end users.



E-commerce App to Highlight Creativity

Showroom is a pioneering e-commerce platform from Germany. Polidea’s design studio successfully delivered an MVP of the iOS app by transferring the look and feel of Showroom’s website onto a mobile screen. They made sure the app has a great user experience, looks beautiful and feels intuitive thanks to the clear information architecture.



Accessible iOS Mobile Application for Streaming Audio Articles

Papereed is a Swedish startup offering a range of audio services for those who suffer from vision impairment. After conducting the accessibility user testing and creating a comprehensive report on accessibility features and recommendations for further development, we delivered the iOS app. The MVP’s purpose was to determine the target audience of the solution and its market value.