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Dolby On

A recording studio in your pocket

Polidea’s team delivered Dolby On—iOS and Android native mobile applications for audio recording and processing in videos and songs. The apps use the revolutionary audio processing technology developed and maintained by Dolby. Our engineers successfully connected these libraries to the app’s infrastructure, and implemented challenging custom UI elements and additional features (live streaming, sound editing tools, audio processing in videos, etc.).



Wearable Tech Empowering People!

Humon Hex is a wearable device designed for athletes that measures the level of oxygen in blood cells using LED light. Polidea delivered iOS and Android apps using React Native technology. We then integrated them with the Humo Hex ecosystem of interconnected devices (Humon Hex sensors and the cloud) via Bluetooth Low Energy.

The cooperation with Polidea started a few months back. They came into the ongoing project with flexibility, openness and creativity backed by solid technological expertise. We feel like Polidea’s partners and we share a similar work ethic and attitude.

Daniel Wiese




E-commerce App to Highlight Creativity

SHOWROOM is a pioneering e-commerce platform that brings together high-end fashion designers and fashion savvy customers to the same place. Polidea delivered an iOS app, transferring the look and feel of Showroom’s website onto a mobile screen. The main challenge was to make the app look extremely beautiful and at the same time feel very intuitive.


Best Buddies

Social app for an inspiring organization

Best Buddies goal is to end the isolation of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The iOS and Android apps delivered by our team are developed and designed for the members of Best Buddies’ programs, who build friendships and social groups across all of the US and the entire world. The iOS app was built with the React Native framework.



In-home Breast Examination Device

Braster System is a Polish innovation that addresses the problem of the growing number of breast cancer cases around the world. This medical device is intended for use in monthly breast self-examination at home by a lay user. Polidea delivered Braster iOS and Android apps helping women in an examination process. As for the Internet of Things, the challenge lied in combining the physical device with mobile app, providing smooth experience and a clear guideline for the users.

The team was collaborative, skilled and responsive. They produced high-quality designs.

Cezary Beldyga

Telemedical Director,Braster


What language is best for iOS app development?

Swift! It’s the main language officially supported by Apple. You can also use Objective-C, but it hasn’t been supported for the past 6 years—some developers use it for old systems when they have to.

What is the best iOS mobile app development platform?

Officially, there’s only one supported platform for creating and publishing apps to Apple's App Store: MacOS + Xcode. Xcode is an IDE—an integrated development environment—created by Apple for developing software for macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Some developers (including us!) love using 3rd party IDE’s like AppCode by JetBrains.

How long does it take to develop an iOS mobile app?

Depends. A very simple app can be developed in a month, but if you’re looking for a reliable, accessible and more complicated mobile app, it can take even a year to release an MVP.

Should I use React Native/Flutter or develop native mobile apps for iOS and Android?

Developing apps in React Native or Flutter, is usually faster (therefore cheaper) if you’re simultaneously developing for both platforms, and you don’t have to compromise on the application's features. It’s also easier to maintain. Once you find a bug, you can solve it in one place for both platforms simultaneously. However, if your app requires custom, fancy UI features, or a lot of native components, then you should go for the native app development. As you can see it all depends on the project.

How can I find the best outsourcing company for mobile app development?

Do some research and ask around! Compare the offers, talk to potential partners face to face, thoroughly check their expertise and referrals. Good agencies have the right resources and are capable of kicking off the project right away (or relatively soon). Big development studios (40+ people) have plenty of experience with building a product from scratch and can provide a holistic service in different technologies. They are also more flexible, able to scale up or ramp down, depending on your current needs. More importantly, trust your gut! You should feel like you can trust the agency and that they’re genuinely interested in your project.


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