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Our embedded systems projects



A Step Further in The Payment Solution Development

Albert by AEVI is one of the first payment terminals that brings together PCI certification and flexible application development with a full application ecosystem. Polidea team implemented a custom-made and hardened version of the Android Lollipop operating system. We also helped the client apply modern software development approach to the Operating System development. This required a lot of low-level hardware-related work as well as high-level design modifications of the Android OS. Apart from customizing the Android operating system, we modified recovery bootloader and Linux kernel.



A Tech Way to Fixing Low Medical Adherence

Pilloxa is a start-up from Stockholm, on a mission to tackle poor medical adherence. Their embedded device is a smart pillbox, which informes forgetful users to take the right medicine at the right time. Polidea team improved the firmware of the device and tested the BLE and gprs connection with the Pilloxa mobile app. The cooperation resulted in fixing software bugs and speeding up the charging process.



A lap timing device for amateur track racing

Cuckoo is a lap timing device meant to be used in amateur track racing. It’s an open source project, done internally by Polidea. The device is placed inside the car, giving instant feedback on driver’s performance (current lap time, best and last lap time). It’s a truly innovative approach to detecting cars passing through the finish line, and the good news is, it can be easily installed on any race track. Our team used simple and widely available components and popular NRF processors to create the embedded device. Cuckoo mobile app—which connects to the device via BLE—adds more functionality, as it shows detailed info on driver's performance and driving history.

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Bring your devices to life with embedded software. Apply a holistic approach to the firmware development with audits, BLE connectivity and accessible mobile & web apps.