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DevOps is a work culture, designed to make the cooperation between developers and operations better, faster, and more productive. DevOps developer understands the needs of the engineering team, creating internal tools and systems so that you get a high quality code on time and ready for production. Discover DevOps services at Polidea!

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A Step Further in The Payment Solution Development

Albert by AEVI is one of the first payment terminals that brings together PCI certification and flexible application development with a full application ecosystem. Polidea team implemented a custom-made and hardened version of the Android Lollipop operating system. We also helped the client apply modern software development approach to the Operating System development. This required a lot of low-level hardware-related work as well as high-level design modifications of the Android OS. Apart from customizing the Android operating system, we modified recovery bootloader and Linux kernel.

Open Source

Apache Beam

A Testing Framework for the Open Source Community

As part of The Apache Software Foundation (ASF)—the world’s largest open source non-profit foundation—Apache Beam is a unified programming model used to implement both batch and streaming data processing jobs in cloud. Our developers successfully implemented the testing framework which helps users make more informed decisions regarding whether or not Beam is the right choice for their project. While working on the testing framework we also provided the Kubernetes infrastructure definition used by Jenkins to automatically create and manage various datastores used by automated tests.

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Agile vs. DevOps—Best Software Development Methodologies Explained

DevOps was born out of the Agile methodology, and while there are many similarities between them, there are stark differences as well.

DevOps implements the crucial aspects of Agile, namely the iterative approach to software development, delivering products as fast and as reliable as possible. Agile has been around for over 20 years, while DevOps was first introduced around 2007. However, DevOps goes a step—or a few steps, actually—further than Agile.

DevOps consists of two silos working together, namely the development and IT operations. This allows for increased productivity thanks to closer and more responsive communication between the teams that, historically, were separate departments. It takes a lot of effort to plan and introduce the shift in a software development studio.