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Open Source

Apache Airflow

An All-in-one Scheduler For Seamless Workflows

Being part of the open source community, Polidea developed and implemented an extensive set of operators for the Apache Airflow system to work with various cloud service providers. The team—including 2 Airflow committers— became contributors to the Open Source Airflow Project and provided 70+ operators for the Airflow DAGs, meeting the highest standards of open source projects.

Open Source

Apache Beam

A Testing Framework for the Open Source Community

Apache Beam is an open source project that enables running jobs on different data processing engines (runners) and developing code in multiple languages (SDKs). Our developers successfully implemented the testing framework, which helps users make more informed decisions regarding whether or not Beam is the right choice for their project. The framework allows writing integration and performance tests that use different SDKs, real data processing engine instances, data sources (databases, filesystems), and significant loads of data.


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