Cloud Computing Services For Companies

Create scalable cloud
services for your business!

Cloud solutions will help bring your business to the future! Save time and money on software maintenance and start getting revenues straight away by releasing your product faster to the market.

Why cloud computing services?

Better & faster scalability and flexibility

Build a solution that responds to peak traffic and ensures successful project growth

Lower costs of software and infrastructure maintenance

Save time and money thanks to automatic updates and easier processes

More efficient cooperation with the development team

Ensure better productivity with one code and no interruptions

Big Data infrastructure based on open source solutions

Stay away from vendor lock-in technologies and move between cloud platforms freely

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If you’re not sure how to make the best use of cloud services for your business get in touch! Our experienced developers, GCP Architects and Apache Committers are here to help you.

What can you get from us?


Cloud computing services for IoT

Full stack implementation service for the seamless IoT-Cloud interaction plus solutions for data gathering and analysing.


Customization of your cloud-based solution

- Build and extend tools for your development team to boost productivity.

- Extend your open source solution and adjust it to you specific needs


Cloud-native backend infrastructure for your app

We will build your web & mobile solution with scalability and cost efficiency in mind

Our projects!


incapptic Connect

Empowering digital transformation with the app managing platform

incapptic Connect is a mobile app deployment software specifically designed to enable swift digital transformations for enterprise companies. It helps global brands establish effective control of app project portfolios, save labor hours and accelerate time to market.

Polidea delivered a new version of Apple App Store and Google Play Store forms for the incapptic Connect self-service portal. The backend was based on Python, Django and PostgreSQL. The frontend was written in the React and Bootstrap frameworks.


Best Buddies

Social apps for an inspiring non-profit organization

Best Buddies is a non-profit organization whose mission is to end the isolation of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Polidea delivered iOS and Android apps were developed and designed for members of Best Buddies’ programmes, who build friendships and social groups all over the world. The whole app ecosystem is based on JavaScript: the backend uses node.js, while the iOS was built with React Native.



Bringing together iOS, Backend and Web for HR startup

Peercisely is a startup that provides hiring services. Our team delivered a web application for employers to post job offers, an iOS app for social referrers and a complete backend presenting the best matched candidates to employers. In order to construct this complex environment, we used Docker, Ember.js and the Bolts library for iOS.


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