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Bluetooth Low Energy technology is cost-optimized, efficient and becomes a number one choice to give smartphone users rich interactions with the surroundings.

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Wearable Tech Empowering People!

We delivered iOS and Android apps using React Native technology and integrated them with Humon Hex via Bluetooth Low Energy. The app allows athletes to track physical state through a wearable while training in order to reach their highest potential. Humon measures the level of oxygen in blood cells using LED light.

Time Management


Take your Time Seriously Thanks to IoT!

Timeular-ZEI is a revolutionary time tracker created by Timeular. We delivered mobile and desktop apps for macOS, Windows, iOS and Android and were also responsible for delivering the backend infrastructure. The apps were fully integrated with the Internet of Things device via BLE. They allow for better time and task management and enhance productivity.

Smart Home


Enabling Smartlights with Emberlight Android and BLE Hardware

Our team supported IoT Startup Emberlight in bringing their app to the Android platform. The product—a smart socket—turns any lightbulb into a smart bulb, that can be controlled with a mobile app via Bluetooth Low Energy or WiFi. The hardware integration included: creating Android comms protocol, transferring the app’s design and information architecture to Android and keeping the unique look and feel of the iOS app.

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What is Bluetooth Low Energy?

Bluetooth Low Energy is wireless communication technology and a part of the Bluetooth technology family. It is aimed at low-intensity energy-saving communication. While slower than Bluetooth Classic and significantly slower than WiFI, it is a great match for smart wearable devices that don’t transmit a lot of data, but have to be connected to our smartphones all the time without draining the batteries.

What are the examples of companies and products that use BLE?

There are many examples of products using BLE:

  • Smart bands, smartwatches
  • Sport wearables like Humon Hex
  • Utility devices like Timeular
  • What are the most common BLE issues?

    The biggest issue with BLE is that it is complex and difficult to implement correctly. It was not built with speed in mind, so transmitting big chunks of data may take much time. Because its transmission is radio-based, it is susceptible to physical interference, like a person standing between the two devices. The connection might also not be the most stable.

    Is Bluetooth Low Energy secure?

    BLE has secure communication mechanisms built-in in its newer iterations, but the security of the connection depends on the BLE-enabled device, called peripheral. If the peripheral supports pairing and encryption, then the connection is secure.