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The story of a mobile app that organizes your time

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Dolby On

A recording studio in your pocket

Dolby On is a native mobile app for iOS and Android, meant for audio recording and processing in videos and songs. Our engineers successfully connected Dolby’s proprietary audio processing libraries to the app’s infrastructure and applied AVFoundation framework for iOS, and Android media API and ExoPlayer for Android for high-quality audio/image recording and playback. We also implemented custom UI elements and other required features, including audio processing in video, live streaming, sound editing tools etc.



Wearable Tech Empowering People!

Humon Hex is a wearable device designed for athletes that measures the level of oxygen in blood cells using LED light. Polidea delivered iOS and Android apps using React Native technology. We then integrated them with the Humo Hex ecosystem of interconnected devices (Humon Hex sensors and the cloud) via Bluetooth Low Energy.

Smart Home


Enabling Smartlights with Emberlight Android and BLE Hardware

Our team supported IoT Startup Emberlight in bringing their app to the Android platform. The product—a smart socket—turns any lightbulb into a smart bulb, that can be controlled with a mobile app via Bluetooth Low Energy or WiFi. The hardware integration included: creating Android comms protocol, transferring the app’s design and information architecture to Android and keeping the unique look and feel of the iOS app.


Best Buddies

Social app for an inspiring organization

Best Buddies goal is to end the isolation of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The iOS and Android apps delivered by our team are developed and designed for the members of Best Buddies’ programs, who build friendships and social groups across all of the US and the entire world. The iOS app was built with the React Native framework.



In-home Breast Examination Device

Braster addresses the problem of the growing number of breast cancer cases around the world. This medical device is intended for use in monthly breast self-examination at home. Polidea’s team of designers and developers delivered Braster iOS and Android apps helping women in an examination process. With IoT, we also combined the physical device with a mobile app, providing smooth experience and a clear guideline for the users.

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What language is best for Android app development?

Kotlin is much more convenient than Java and it's officially supported by Google. It offers null safety, properties, extension functions, lambda expressions and much more, allowing you to avoid writing boilerplate code.

What is the best Android mobile app development platform?

Android Studio is your best choice. Since it’s supported by Google, it has all the necessary updates and features available on the get-go. You can also use IntelliJ IDEA, which Android Studio is based on, but keep in mind that it’s not free.

How long does it take to develop an Android mobile app?

It depends on the app and the size of the team. You can create a "Hello world" mobile app in 5 minutes, but big projects can take months or years to develop. There's no rule here.

Should I use React Native/Flutter or develop native mobile apps for iOS and Android?

Not all the native features are supported by multi platform technologies. If the app is fairly simple and uses only basic mechanisms, there's no reason why you shouldn’t write it in a cross-platform way. Some developers prefer Flutter over React Native, as the IDE offers coding support. But still, if you want to use some advanced mechanisms for, let's say, a camera, stick to the native side, because you'll end up writing parts of the code natively either way.

How can I find the best outsourcing company for mobile app development?

Compare the offers, talk to potential partners face to face, thoroughly check their expertise and referrals. Good agencies have the right resources and are capable of kicking off the project right away, or relatively soon. Big development studios have plenty of experience with building a product from scratch and can provide a holistic service in different technologies. They are also more flexible, able to scale up or ramp down, depending on your needs.

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