We support
companies both
and small in
their digital
to the market

We deliver complex projects following agile principles, working closely with our clients and using top-notch technologies

Product consultancy and design

Strategy and Ideation

Not sure how to start and shape your product to achieve the best results? We address product ideas with a strategic approach. By employing Design Thinking methodology, we review the business environment of the product, explore the market to define product's fit and analyze users’ needs, while keeping it all in a strong technological context. By working closely together, we will create the product vision and translate it into an engaging user experience.


We conduct user research at each stage of the project—to recognize users’ needs, evaluate the functional structure of the product, assess the usability as well as the overall UX. We are ready to deliver an expert review of the existing products.


At this stage we translate all the findings into precise Information Architecture and intuitive UI. We convert the LoFi structures into full-bodied wireframes, covering all use cases and capturing the rich spectrum of interactions. We guarantee a product’s functionality, accessibility, and usability.


Having product’s logic defined in every detail, we move to the final stage by giving it a modern look and feel. We will enrich it with engaging animations, beautiful graphic design, following the best patterns and practices. Here comes the delivery of an immersive, attractive, usable and meaningful digital product for your users to experience and enjoy!


Mobile Development

Mobile apps we deliver are performant, robust and scalable. We employ a holistic approach—engineers are involved at every stage of the product creation. Caring for our customers, we starve for the highest quality of the apps we build.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • ReactNative
  • Flutter
  • BLE expertise

Internet of Things

We create an ecosystem of integrated solutions, including wearables or other hardware. We have strong expertise in connectivity technologies (like BLE), as well as, firmware design & development. We've been working with low-level code, embedded solutions or custom OS modifications.

  • API design
  • Firmware development
  • Mock/Prototypes

Our team is supported by:


  • SpringBoot
  • Node.js
  • Django
  • Cloud Computing: AWS, GCP
  • DevOps


  • React.js
  • GraphQL
  • PWA


  • Automated mobile and web tests
  • Manual testing
  • User acceptance tests
  • Regression Testing
  • Testing documentation
  • Rest API testing
  • IoT (BLE) testing

Project management

  • Intense project kick-off workshops
  • Short sprints
  • Demonstrable progress
  • Cross-functional agile teams
  • Cooperation based on trust

Consulting STARTER

Not ready to create a product? Looking for tech consultancy? Our team of business analysts, UX designers and engineers can help at every stage of the project—from the concept, through development, to testing.

We are here to translate your idea into a perfectly crafted and designed mobile application, mixed reality experience, Internet of Things solution and the whole digital ecosystem.