Your product is our product. We’re here to help you achieve your goal.

Together with our clients we create products that improve people’s lives and businesses through mobile apps, web, embedded firmware and cloud solutions.

Mobile app development

We deliver mobile apps that are performant, robust and scalable. We employ a holistic approach—our engineers are involved at every stage of product creation. Caring for our clients’ business, we strive for the highest quality of the apps we build.

Web Development

Your business and services require a solid online infrastructure and the tailor-made digital platform responding to your users’ needs. Our web development team will create backend and frontend applications using the top-notch modern tech stack. We deliver backend and frontend components fast, but we can lead the end-to-end web application project as well.


  • React.js
  • GraphQL
  • PWA
  • Angular


  • Django
  • SpringBoot
  • Node.js
  • Cloud Computing: AWS, GCP
  • DevOps

Internet of Things

We create an ecosystem of integrated solutions that include wearables, smart home and other hardware. We have strong expertise in connectivity technologies (Bluetooth Low Energy), as well as firmware design and development. We’ve been working with low-level code, embedded solutions or custom OS modifications. We’ll create smart solutions customized to your needs.

Cloud computing services

We deliver scalable and flexible cloud computing services for startups and big enterprises in AWS and GCP. Whether it’s IoT, extending your open source solution or creating cloud-native backend infrastructure for web and mobile apps—our experienced developers, GCP Architects and Apache Committers are here to help you.

Product consultancy and design

Since 2013, Creative Team has been an integral part of Polidea. As the tech industry is constantly evolving, so have we. This is how Utilo was born—from a few UX/UI Designers working on mobile apps to an experienced team of problem solvers, strategists and visual thinkers who form Polidea’s design studio.

Utilo team will address your product ideas with a strategic approach. By employing Design Thinking methodology, they review the business environment of the product, explore the market to define product's fit and analyze users’ needs, while keeping it all in a strong technological context. As your partners, they will create the mobile, web and IoT product vision and translate it into the engaging user experience.

Our product team is supported by:


  • Automated mobile and web tests
  • Manual testing
  • User acceptance tests
  • Regression Testing
  • Testing documentation
  • Rest API testing
  • IoT (BLE) testing

Project management

  • Quick (1- 2 weeks) sprints always finished with
    a demo-able deliverable
  • Comprehensive project kick-off workshops
  • Cross-functional, flexible agile teams
  • Cooperation built on trust
  • Working on your Jira or our whiteboard
    — all depends on your project needs

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