Revenue-based financing for European businesses

Polidea delivered infrastructure architecture in the cloud and e-commerce platform integrations for a fast-growing capital startup.

Project scope



Uncapped is Europe’s first revenue-based finance provider, which allows founders to raise growth capital without giving up control of their business. The startup is the founders’ answer to the limited fundraising options for entrepreneurs in Europe. Uncapped’s goal is to provide fast and flexible funding for growing businesses, for their marketing, inventory or hiring purposes. The service is equity and personal warranty-free, has a flat fee and flexible repayment schedule. The efficient solution is possible thanks to their automatic algorithm which analyzes the revenue prediction and helps Uncapped determine whether a company is eligible for funding—all the user has to do is to connect their sales and marketing accounts. Because the algorithm relies on the access to the users’ accounts on the most popular e-commerce and marketing platforms, Uncapped asked Polidea for help with delivering integrations.

We were very impressed with how Polidea approached the project, using their cloud and DevOps expertise. Thanks to their integrations and cloud infrastructure architecture, we could develop and grow Uncapped further, in a self-sufficient way.

Piotr Pisarz

CEO & Co-Founder,Uncapped


The client, first and foremost, wanted to be able to implement future integrations easily and automatically. For this reason, our team together with the client designed and created the cloud infrastructure architecture. The goal was to deliver a generic database with a common interface for each e-commerce/marketing platform integration, which should collect data on:

  • Who bought something on which platform
  • For how much money
  • When the transaction occurred

Then, Polidea team set out to create integrations for e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Xero and a payment tool called Stripe. To deliver the above requirements we used Java, Spring Boot and microservices.

We also delivered integration with Auth0 (identity as a service)—an application to keep users’ login data. Thanks to it, the Uncapped user doesn’t have to create a new login and password to sign in to the platform. They can use one of their already existing social media accounts. Taking advantage of the existing user management system smoothed the cooperation between our frontend and backend teams too, since Auth0 provides easy-to-use SDKs.


Polidea’s DevOps helped design and implement a cloud infrastructure based on GKE, Cloud SQL, Pub/Sub and KMS. Additionally, to smooth and speed up the development process, we provided various automations. For example, for creating and managing the infrastructure via Gitlab pipelines and Terraform, for releasing new versions of the apps using Gitflow and Maven, and deploying and managing already released apps with Spinnaker (a platform for managing the cloud infrastructure).

These automations together with the infrastructure architecture made it possible for the client to develop and grow their business fast and in a self-sufficient way, as they moved on to the next milestones.

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