Play NEXT—Mobile Virtual Network Operator in Your App

Play NEXT is a mobile network in... your app! Polidea provided development, design and project management expertise, delivering iOS and Android mobile applications.

Project scope





Play NEXT is Poland’s first mobile network service in… an app. Just as Netflix or Spotify, it is all about ‘now’ and ‘on-demand’ model. Easy access to your account, monthly subscription fee instead of regular bills and the possibility to opt out at any moment may make it a true game-changer for millions of mobile phone users. Polidea’s team delivered iOS and Android mobile applications dedicated to the customers. We are super proud to be a part of such a disruptive project offering mobile phone users the flexibility, comfort, and freedom, thus revolutionizing telecommunications industry.


Based on the extensive research and testing with users, it turned out that what we really want to do about our mobile phone provider is basically… nothing. That is precisely Play NEXT’s promise in a nutshell. These days we don’t want to spend any time dealing with mobile providers, standing in lines, waiting on the phone or picking up SIM cards. Play NEXT enables users to keep their current numbers or easily establish new ones (they can even choose their own combination to make it more personalized), change the mobile provider remotely (from the comfort of your own home) and perform all the formalities in your app. It answers the needs of modern consumers—using the “subscription” model—so we may forget about “plans”, paper contracts and bills. What used to be time-consuming and tedious becomes convenient and super quick.



  • UX design
  • UI consultancy & design
  • iOS & Android development
  • Testing
  • Backend mockups
  • Creative sessions
  • Project management


As Play NEXT’s partner, we provided development, design, and project management expertise, but also cooperated with other teams involved in the project. The revolutionary mobile solution is thoughtfully designed to provide the smoothest and most satisfying experience possible. This has a lot to do with system permissions management that is suited to users with different needs and preferences. The app guides through the process, making it painless and quick.

Paweł Lewandowski

Business Owner,Play NEXT
Polidea delivered a complex project, starting from development, through management and design. We worked in a dynamic environment and I really appreciate the flexibility of the whole team. I can safely say that the whole product is our common success.


How to transfer the real-life, tedious process of setting up a new mobile account, managing it and using… to an app? Definitely not by doing it literally. What was one of the key challenges for our Creative Team (now, Utilo—Polidea’s design studio) was to create such an information architecture that will guide users, while keeping them aware of the crucial steps of the process. The clarity of users’ flow and the distribution of content was one of the key elements in the design, strongly based on testing and profound research. What makes this journey even nicer is the visual design, customized UI, and animated background. The team also made sure the process of delivering and getting SIM cards is convenient and easy for the users.


Creative Director
It was fascinating to observe and be part of the whole process of creating such a big service. We all understood the value of creating a smooth experience for the future users that will distinguish Play NEXT from other services.


The biggest advantages of Play NEXT app, namely the smooth integration with external systems and a 24-hour chat, were at the same time the most challenging elements for our developers. Nevertheless, our team dived into this exciting venture with an enthusiastic approach as we all bore in mind that we’re creating a brand new solution that needs to evolve. The forward-looking Play NEXT team constantly worked on the product—that meant no fixed scenarios and openness for new solutions. Polidea’s development team was flexible and often worked on prototypes. What also optimized the work of developers, was the way we managed backend—our engineers provided the test environment to start without hesitation while waiting for the final code. This example of an agile approach to the project allowed us to work simultaneously and in a synchronized way.



Great teams make great products! Frequent stand-ups, updates, brainstorms, planning sessions along with regular demos and retrospective meetings made working on the Play NEXT project successful. The cooperation between various teams was a key and the common goal of creating a brand new product connected them all.


That was an exciting technological adventure—being part of such innovative project gave us a unique opportunity to combine our skills with the expertise of the passionate Play NEXT team.

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