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In one of our longest-running projects to date, Polidea worked with incapptic Connect to create the MVP iteration of their mobile automation app release product.

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Necessity is the mother of all invention

For a long time, large corporations lacked a one-stop-shop for all of their enterprise applications. Enter incapptic Connect, a Berlin-based company. The result of the partnership with Polidea was the MVP iteration of the incapptic Connect’s centralized and automated mobile app release product. It simplifies and secures the process of signing applications and publishing them on digital distribution platforms, such as Google Play, Apple’s App Store, and leading Enterprise App Stores – saving enterprise companies countless hours and shortening application time-to-market from weeks to minutes. incapptic Connect proudly supports industry giants such as the Lufthansa Group, CLAAS, and Schindler.

Keep your credentials safe

Before any application can be published to an App Store and made available for downloading, it must be digitally signed by the app owner; i.e. the enterprise company. The process confirms the authenticity of the app owner and ensures that no unauthorized alterations can be made to the code. Whether it is a file on Android’s Keystore or a certificate on iOS, the security of these credentials is of utmost importance.

Before incapptic Connect, enterprises provided the credentials directly to software developers, typically third party. This method is highly insecure, as well as costly and time-consuming. Due to the hierarchical nature of large corporations, it often results in a workflow bottleneck at the key contact between management, third-party developers, and business units.

Polidea was invited to create the incapptic Connect MVP from the ground up. We faced several technical challenges along the way.


Challenge Accepted!

The first significant difficulty stemmed from the fact that the signing of an iOS app must be performed on a Mac running macOS, a platform not designed to host web applications in the first place. Additionally, there were difficulties with testing and deploying the original instance, which we also performed on-site.

The security of the credentials was ensured thanks to the Keychain—a macOS password management system. The integration was complex for our developers, but it’s smooth sailing for the end-users.

incapptic Connect is integrated with a number of App Stores. This means that we needed to learn how to publish an app on each of them; how each Application Programming Interface (API) works, which metadata is required, and how to reproduce the UX/UI.

Finally, the landscape of the app publishing changes from month to month, year to year, as Apple and Android update their operating systems. Following the completion of the MVP interation, Polidea provided continued support to the incapptic Connect engineering department in responding to this challenge.

The folks Polidea were essential to make our joint vision with Thiemo Scherle into real software! And were helpful all the way building and growing our incapptic dev team - great company!

Rafał Kobyliński

Founder/CEO,Incapptic Connect

One platform to rule them all

Polidea’s deep experience in enterprise app development meant that we had already touched on the workflow pain-points that incapptic Connect set out to solve. This, coupled with our backend expertise, led to the successful development of the MVP and the initial deployment of the platform. Companies can grant secure access to the platform to external developers while maintaining control of their signing certificates, as well as allowing for self-service app release for internal development teams.

incapptic Connect serves as a central steering platform from which companies can keep an enterprise-level overview of their entire app portfolio. The product logs all actions from each user and provides app owners or business unit managers with a clear picture of how projects are progressing, as well as ensuring individual and team accountability.


Need a helping hand in creating complex and secure web platforms like incapptic Connect? Our experienced backend developers are happy to help! Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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