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Humon is no longer able to develop its product further, but we’re very proud that we had a chance to be part of Humon’s journey.

As part of this groundbreaking project, Polidea delivered iOS and Android mobile apps as well as a web app fully integrated with the Humon ecosystem — the Humon Hex sensors and the cloud—using Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

Project scope

BLE expertise




Humon, known as the “body measurement company that empowers athletes with unique insights, pushing them to their optimal performance”, was founded in 2015 by Alessandro Babini and Daniel Wiese. They met at MIT Sloan School of Management and were shared a mutual mission to provide people with unprecedented visibility into their bodies and empower them with the required actionable insights to be their best selves. Polidea is part of this groundbreaking project and has been working on iOS and Android mobile apps as well as a web app fully integrated with the Humon ecosystem — the Humon Hex sensors and the cloud—using Bluetooth Low Energy technology. We are at the point in time when technology empowers human body and our job is to make it smooth, effective and efficient—Humon wearable is a great example of that.


To put it simply—Humon wearable was born out of the insight that people tend to care more about regular check-ups of their cars rather than…their bodies. Tests, research and studies followed to come up with t idea that athletes need a precise and accurate solution to measure their physical state while training. Unlike widely available sensors, Humon measures the level of oxygen in blood cells using LED light. The solution is highly innovative and covers the whole ecosystem of interconnected devices.

Humon solution

This holistic ecosystem was created thanks to the interdisciplinary team. In the pursuit of the perfectly designed and developed solution, Humon gathered top specialists from various fields, such as optics, sports and …technology. There’s where Polidea team stepped in.


  • Development (mobile & web)
  • Project management
  • BLE connectivity


Humon team came across Polidea’s open source React Native library and invited us to work on the project. As this was the initial phase of development, we stepped in with a tight deadline and a shipment date in mind. Polidea’s team optimized and further developed the iOS and Android apps using React Native technology (more on the modern cross-platform development solutions such as React Native and their benefits for business here).


We work on iOS and Android mobile apps that are connected via Bluetooth to the Humon Hex sensors placed on user’s muscles and the server in the cloud. All the data from the Humon wearable is later translated into a mobile app’s screen using colour coding and intuitive visual language so that the user can get them while training and adjust the effort based on real-time results. Additionally, everything is stored on the server.

Daniel Wiese

The cooperation with Polidea started a few months back. They came into the ongoing project with flexibility, openness and creativity backed by solid technological expertise. We feel like Polidea’s partners and we share similar work ethic and attitude.


  • Empowering people and businesses - Humon wearable is a perfect example of the way we work and we are happy to be a part of such a revolutionary project!
  • Real-time action rules - ensuring that users can focus on the activity and the app connected to a wearable will do everything for them: present real-time results of their muscles’ scanning, along with recommendations how they should adjust their training. It’s tech making lives easier!
  • Integration and stability is the key - bad weather, poor Internet connection, high temperature? Nothing can go wrong with the app, the sensors and the platform. We do our best to test it in action!
  • Interdisciplinary teams fuel innovations - it was great to work on such a complex project with profound scientific research, a board of advisors, numerous user testing and clinical background.
  • React Native is gaining momentum - Humon apps are a great example of how this technology changes the business scene. (More on modern cross-platform solutions here)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy is widely used - its popularity in fitness, healthcare and entertainment revolutionizes the way we work, train and… live.


As a cyclist I find Humon wearable revolutionary. I have even tested it myself! Humon’s founders are true visionaries who successfully put the brilliant, scientific idea into motion. I’m happy that we could contribute with Polidea’s tech savviness and deliver such an empowering solution.


The project team from our side is created by the technical team of developers and a project manager, who ensures smooth communication and workflow. Team members have regular meetups, stand-ups, demos, retros and refinements.

Humon project was based on the users’ and experts’ insights combined with scientific research. From the scientific point of view it is clinically validated, ensuring the accuracy of all the data. After testing the beta version the product has been constantly improved to meet all the needs and answer potential challenges. The board of advisors consists of athletes, sports experts and digital specialists. We are very excited that the solution was selected for 2018 CES Innovation Award at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas!

Your body deserves the best. The Humon Hex is not based on assumptions but facts. No suggestions, only precise and accurate calculations. The algorithms are then translated onto the digital screen in a smooth and informative way. To put it shortly—let your new AI personal coach help you achieve your goals!

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