Timeular - ZEIº - Take Your Time Seriously Thanks to IoT Solution

Polidea delivered a suite of mobile and desktop apps fully integrated with ZEI — a revolutionary time tracker from Timeular.

Project scope

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ZEIº is a high-end, tangible, designer tracker of the most precious thing — your time. It’s a revolutionary product from Timeular startup that has gathered more than €300K in the Kickstarter campaign already. When fully integrated with Timeular for ZEIº software, it is connected to your phone and desktop, while measuring tasks real-time.

It was named as the tool that makes work smarter by Tech Crunch and described as making “hourly billing a fun loT activity” by The Verge. Thanks to the mobile and desktop apps created by Polidea you can assign tasks, visualize your time allocation, get reports and most importantly — become more productive.


Timeular is an Austria-based startup revolutionizing time tracking at work. By using the existing tools, they came up with the idea of making them more user-friendly through combining with hardware — known as ZEIº. Starting as a Kickstarter project in 2016, Timeular presented the concept of the first tangible time tracking device connected via Bluetooth to your computer or phone.

So how does it work? It is an 8-sided gadget that makes time tracking fun simply by flipping it. Polidea worked on the mobile and desktop applications connected to ZEIº — used to assign tasks and projects to the different sides of the device, while automatically tracking the time spent on each of them.


Users in the world of deadlines

Time tracking basically takes too much… time and effort. When not done in real-time, it is usually based on assumptions and it can also significantly lower our productivity. The concept was created by engineers and designers with a strong conviction that time is our most precious asset. Successful management in the world of deadlines and different projects is vital in order to successfully organize our workflow.

Seamless IoT experience by Polidea

Guaranteeing a seamless experience is our part of the story. The project with Timeular began in November. That was also the time when Timeular started their campaign on Kickstarter with the aim to raise \\\$75000 — and it was a real success with over 3000 backers supporting the project. This is when Polidea came in. We developed apps for macOS, Windows, iOS and Android. Additionally, we were also responsible for delivering backend infrastructure.

Manuel Bruschi

CEO & Co-Founder,Timeular
Polidea scaled their development team to deliver the software on an aggressive timeline. The agency serves as a partner, not a vendor. Their dependable work ethic and commitment to the project have fostered an atmosphere of trust and collaboration.

Witnessing the first months of product’s life was super exciting — we were working on the apps for the Early Bird distribution on Kickstarter, monitoring the take rate and users’ feedback. From the technical part, the project was challenging due to the number of platforms integrated. Also, coding in React Native on mobile and React / Electron framework on desktop definitely contributed to the overall complexity. What we created was a part of the time-management software, an Internet of Things solution so close to our everyday life.


Polidea has always been very active when it comes to open source initiatives. We have been developing our libraries for years now. It’s great that they can serve the community and in this case, they were the first point of contact with our Client.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Using Polidea’s open source BLE libraries: RxBluetoothKit, RxAndroidBle and react-native-ble-plx, we successfully built one layer thanks to which we could develop the apps on 4 platforms (Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android).

Microsoft Surface Book.png

Integration is the key

As people are used to their favorites when it comes to time management, Timeular offers integration with a number of available solutions. Forget data migration and starting all over again. You can simply synchronize with Toggl, Jira and different calendar apps just to name the few.


New gadget that feels good

Timeular wanted ZEIº to become something more than yet another functional tool. The 8-sided device is beautifully designed but also ensures user’s aesthetic experiences. Not to mention that it can be customized with stickers, drawings, and writings. It is a piece of modern technology on one hand and a decorative gadget on the other.



Seamless cooperation

Timeular is created by an inspiring team of developers and designers. Coming from the same background, our teams clicked from day one. Communication was super effective, and we had a great time working on the project. With a full suite of developers and designers at Polidea combined with multiple projects running simultaneously, we spend a lot of time tracking our time. So stay tuned for Polidea’s story about our team using ZEIº! Want to check it out for yourself? You can order one here.

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