Stimulating the senses with Michalsky

Polidea launches official iPad application for a new range of Michalsky fragrances.

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Representing a fragrance on an iPad was always going to be a challenge. But the Michalsky Senses application for iPad does just that. The application is aimed as a promotion vehicle for a new range of Michalsky fragrances.

Combining classic and natural artwork with mood. Senses allows users to create their own classic art exhibitions and poems, which can then be shared with others via email or Facebook. The playful and slick interface invites users to touch and be touched by the beauty of the human form and to exp their moods, and humour.

The application will be launched at the annual Michalsky Style night and Michalsky fans will be able to experience the pageantry and pantomime of Michalsky via their iPad.

Volker Tietgens from Michalsky said “Love it. We managed to create something novel and elegant within an ambitious timescale. Polidea were a delight to work with and we can’t wait for version 2.0”

John Bailey from Polidea commented: “We like the idea of the Michalsky application because it tries to represent something abstract (i.e. smell). We enjoyed greatly the collaboration between ourselves and their design team to create something rather unusual and interesting for both geeks and hippsters”

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Michalsky for the iPad is already available at the Apple App Store.

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