Stepstone forges ahead with first iOS 7 app!

Polidea helped StepStone take a walk on the iOS 7 side. A new iPhone app for recruiters was successfully launched.

Project scope




Polidea’s expert UX Team have been very busy this summer! They’ve been helping a host of clients take the plunge towards Apple’s new vision for iOS with their latest guidelines.

With over 260,000 jobs per month and a DirectSearch database containing more than 2 million CVs, one of StepStone’s biggest challenges is allowing users to search, browse and find the candidate or job that matches their need. That’s where Polidea stepped in. StepStone asked us to collaborate with them to design and engineer their new iPhone app (Direct Search) for recruiters.

Stepstone iPhone app

“Polidea has been proving to understand the project scope quickly, was fast in on boarding and supporting the delivery of one of the first active sourcing apps in the world” said Arik Reiter, VP Direct Search & Complementary Products at StepStone.

The app features included:

  • Simple and fast searches with filters
  • Detailed review of candidate CVs
  • Saving, highlighting and commenting about candidates
  • Making contact with candidates and forwarding to the client

Polidea moulded these features into an iPhone app that would ride the new wave both in terms of usability and visuals.

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