ScoreBeyond launches SAT Up iOS applications

ScoreBeyond's SAT Up makes studying for US college admissions exams easier! We helped to design and engineer a solution for both the iPhone and iPad.

Project scope





SATs are the most important, standardized tests for college admissions in the United States. Score Beyond, Inc wanted to create brand new and innovative tool for students all over the world to help them to pursue the dream of studying in the United States. This is just the kind of application Polidea enjoy workings on - useful, meaningful applications.


The goal was to provide simple yet wide-ranging solution for both iPhone and iPad. Personalized test generation, comprehensive and insightful user’s progress visualization, frequent content update (on daily basis) and web-based dynamic content - all of that carefully tailored to meet students’ needs.


In order to keep users engaged SAT Up content had to remain relevant and fresh. The application would become pretty boring and unused very quickly if it remained static or unchanged for long periods of time. This was achieved via development approach where the questions and examples were stored remotely and served up in the native iOS application. The app tracked and reported results and analytics to the server to ensure that questions each user received were fresh and relevant to them.

iPhone version

Both iPad and iPhone apps were designed by Polidea’s in house Creative Team. The main aim was to allow users to concentrate on the study material rather than learning how to use the app itself.

iPad version

Lead Project Engineer Maciek Oczko commented, “Working on SAT App has been a great challenge, we learnt a lot about the US education system as well as the importance of user analytics to tailor content. Emrecan Dogan had a very clear vision of how the app should support students and we’re proud that he chose us to make it happen”.

One of CEO Emrecan’s main goals was to release frequently to try out new features and get fast feedback from the SAT Up user base. Emrecan noted: “working with the team at Polidea was great as we managed to submit new versions of the app almost weekly. This gave the product team the chance to tweak and try out subtle changes to help perfect the app for students”.

The SAT UP application is currently available for free in Apple App Store.

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