Polidea ships official applications maps, search and location service available for Android, iPhone and iPad

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Polidea announced today the successful completion of development and immediate availability of The applications, commissioned by, have been designed for Apple iOS and Android operating system, with special emphasis on usage on tablet devices such as Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

“ is a very demanding client so this was somewhat of a honour – but also a great responsibility” said Polidea CEO Jakub Lipiński. “The creation of a mobile version of has probably been the most interesting, technologically advanced and quite frankly most ambitious project on Polish mobile market to date. Our direct competitor is none one other than Google with their Google Maps and we are very proud of the final result of this competition. Our applications highlight unique strengths: e.g. the best aerial imagery for Polish territory, most complete POI databases and live traffic information.”

The mobile version of provides most of the functionality of its desktop counterpart such as quick display and caching of both street maps and satellite imagery, routing, weather information, identification of dangerous road spots (including live webcam feeds) and extensive searchable The POI database including hotels, ATMs, restaurants, tourist attractions and even businesses (via KRS lookup).

Zumi screenshot 1 Zumi screenshot 2

“ is one of our most important and certainly most technologically complex services so choosing a top tier partner for our mobile project was crucial. Fortunately the decision turned out to be not that difficult as Polidea had done outstanding job for us previously – and this time they did not disappoint. In fact they exceeded our expectations” remarked Tomasz Nowak, Executive Director at Zumi.

The application is available for most popular smartphones such as iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S but it is the tablet platform where it really shines. The user interface for iPad version has been designed entirely from scratch by Polidea UI team.

“Our iPad version provides probably the best mapping experience one can get on a tablet today. We very carefully crafted and tested the interface and integrated our most innovative technologies such as Polidea AR - an augmented reality platform – to good use in this project” said Jarek Potiuk, Polidea CTO. “Getting the UI right was however only one part of the challenge. Mobile has to work not only on high end tablets but also – or perhaps even primarily given their popularity – on multitude of Android smartphones currently available on the market. Our optimizations allowed us to create an application that works surprisingly well even on low end and cheap devices, equipped with relatively modest amount of memory and slow processors”.

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