Polidea launches otoWakacje application for Grupa Allegro

otoWakacje, the tourist destination and activity search of Grupa Allegro, launches official iPhone application and mobile website developed by Polidea.

Project scope



The otoWakacje website allows users to search for accommodation, camps, trips, and activities. Users have the ability to search through thousands of advertisements and travel guides posted on the site, adding their favorite postings to their Watched list for easy reference. Advertisements posted on the site feature images, reviews, descriptions and a variety of useful information that make finding the perfect destination, restaurant or activity easy.

The iPhone application allows users access to access all of the information found in the website in an intuitive application optimized for the mobile device. Users are able to search through advertisements by category or location, quickly finding restaurants, accommodation or spas nearby thanks to location awareness. Results can be easily sorted, filtered, or added to a Watched list for quick reference. Image galleries are provided with each listing, letting users browse images directly on their iPhones.

The mobile website was designed with the mobile user in mind. The layout and navigation allows for users to search for specific advertisements just like they would through the website or mobile application. Once they have found an item of interest, they are able to add that item to their Watched list for quick reference. The mobile application allows for mobile users to have easy access to the otoWakacje site, even if they do not have the mobile application installed.

Oto Wakacje screenshot

“We are very happy with the mobile application,” commented Kamil Brzeziński, Mobile Solutions Department Manager at Grupa Allegro, “ the application lets our users take the otoWakacje experience with them anywhere they go. The application is a great extension of our online presence and a useful tool in supporting our brand.”

Thanks to the Watched list, users can quickly refer back to their favorite listings. Once users find the perfect listing, they have the ability to call the location or obtain directions in Google Maps directly from within the application. The application is able to identify the users location and display postings by proximity.

“Even if they have already found the perfect hotel through the otoWakacje website, the application lets users explore restaurants, activities, and spas in their area once they arrive.” added Jarek Potiuk, CTO of Polidea.

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