Polidea launches a suite of Bada applications for Samsung

Polidea has announced the creation of wide variety of applications and games to showcase the capabilities of Samsung phones.

Project scope


When Samsung wanted to show how fun and functional their phones can be, they asked Polidea to develop a wide variety of applications in Bada that would take advantage of the phones features. The applications are designed to use the built-in gyroscopes, touch screens and stunning displays.

“When we were approached to develop these applications, we saw it as an opportunity to show the versatility of these devices and our own strengths in developing a wide range of applications.” commented Jakub Lipinski, CEO of Polidea. “The timeline and scope of the project were challenging, but I believe we showed that we were able to play on our strengths and create some really great apps.”

Almost a dozen applications were created, from time-tested classics to arcade style shooters. The list of applications includes a basketball shooter, which takes advantage of the touchscreen to allow users a chance to practice their free-throws. Another application allows users to create useful shopping lists for their next trip to the market. Yet another application lets users calculate the value of money from one currency to another. Some of the other games developed include TicTacToe, Arkanoid, and a labyrinth game, which takes advantage of the built-in gyroscopes to let users navigate a maze.

Polidea, one of the leading developers of mobile applications in Poland, has increasingly been creating applications for international clients. “We have now developed a reputation that allows us to tackle more and more challenging projects across a variety of platforms.” stated Jarek Potiuk, CTO at Polidea. Polidea develops applications for all major mobile platforms including Bada, Android and iOS.

Samsung Apps

The mobile applications are now available for all Samsung phones on Bada through Samsung Apps

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