Polidea launches Pixblish - Publishing Platform for Mobile Devices

The largest weekly magazine in Poland, Polityka, launches iPad version

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From this week on, the leading Polish weekly magazine, Tygodnik POLITYKA, will be available as an electronic publication for the Apple iPad. The issues will be prepared thanks to system based on Polidea Pixblish publishing platform that has been signed off to production today after a completion of publisher systems integration process at the Polityka publishing house.

“Pixblish is a completely new kind of a publishing platform for tablets, or perhaps even a new way of thinking about mobile publishing” commented Dr. John Bailey, Pixblish Manager at Polidea. “The traditional approach dictates treating the tablet as a completely new medium that requires laborious process of manual content creation. This means costs and time and is probably a reason why so many editors are afraid of launching mobile editions of their publications – despite wanting them so badly”.

Pixblish’s philosophy is centered on maximum flexibility and content reuse. The platform gets the contents – be it article text, images, advertisements, multimedia or even audio tracks – directly from the publisher’s CMS system and transforms them automatically into pages suitable for target device: a tablet, a mobile phone or an e-ink based reader, based on a set of predefined styling layouts. There is no need for labour-intensive typesetting or other bespoke formatting or processing software, while manual fine tuning is still possible.

“We knew from the very beginning that as well as working on the iPad edition, we would need a platform which would allow us to launch on other mobile devices with relative ease. We looked for a solution which will help us to create diverse and visually attractive POLITYKA editions for different mediums, without the need to setup a new graphical team. The platform based on Pixblish, created by POLITYKA and Polidea is a perfect match” - said Joanna Chmielecka, POLITYKA’s Director of Internet.

Polityka screenshot 1 Polityka screenshot 2

Pixblish facilitates the creation of electronic editions of publications such as books, weekly and daily magazines and brochures, for the iPhone/iPad, Android devices and (from Q2 2011) for Amazon Kindle. Application markets of respective platforms (Apple App Store, Android Market and Amazon Kindle Store) are used for distribution and payment processing. The final publication may be billed by single edition, available per subscription or simply free. “POLITYKA is not the first publication created using our platform” said Polidea CEO, Jakub Lipiński. “We have for example a quite successful cooperation with Herder publishing house from Germany. However, this launch is probably the biggest test of the platform to date, due to the immense popularity of traditional publication – circulation 190 thousand – and complexity of publisher CMS systems that we had to integrate with. Pixblish passed this with flying colours”.

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