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Polidea introduces the Morizon Applications for Android

Morizon is a fast growing Polish real estate web portal, which has now extended their services to the mobile platform

Project scope




Morizon came to Polidea with a vision. They wanted to utilize the power of mobile to make their agents’ lives easier and get on with their day-to-day business on the move. Once the high level requirements had been agreed Polidea played a key part the project.

Morizon screenshot 1

Polidea provided a full service during this project. Polidea’s User Experience experts and Graphical Designers ensured that the app was much more than just a web site transplanted to a tablet. The user interfaces were designed to be attractive, simple and above all usable. From these designs the engineering team took over. Using the latest Android framework for tablets the concepts were translated into tangible applications for Android Phones and Tablets. To ensure that the highest level of quality was delivered, Polidea’s QA team oversaw the whole test process. Underpinning the entire project Polidea’s Leadership and Management team followed the ‘Polidea Way’ of conducting projects, making sure the best tools and processes for the job were applied. This full service approach greatly increased the team’s efficiency and ensured a consistent user experience across both applications.

Together with Polidea, Morizon decided to divide the product into 2 separate apps; the first for regular users ‘’ and the second ‘Morizon Pro’ is one of the first apps on the Google Play specifically for tablets.

Morizon PRO allows estate agents to use their tablet to work off site in the same way as they would in the office; managing offers and responding to client questions.

Morizon screenshot 3 gives property hunters the ability to search Morizon’s huge property database. The application boasts a simple and easy user interface to search, filter and organize searches. Search filtering is fully customizable and can be as detailed or as general as the user requires.

Morizon screenshot 2

Jakub Lipinski Polidea CEO commented, “We’ve done a good job. This project really offered us the chance to show our skills not only as a development house, but also as a full service mobile agency. The customer’s business goals drove the app’s features, but we crafted the design and user experience as well as solving the technical challenges of bringing the full power of Morizon to mobile.”

Morizon screenshot 4

Bolesław Drapella CEO of Morizon stated, “Working with Polidea was easy. We told them what we wanted to achieve and they helped us realize it in the mobile space. Having the key part of the development process hosted by them simplified and sped up the whole project. is the first real-estate application in Poland while Morizon PRO is first such an app in Europe”

The Morizon applications are currently available for free from Google Play.

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