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Polidea cooperated with Philips on both software and design of ActiveLink app.

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We are proud to announce that Polidea cooperated with Philips on ActiveLink apps’ software and design. This project was hardware-centered – ActiveLink is a small, waterproof activity tracker that goes everywhere with its users to let them accurately measure their physical activity and calories burned. It is no ordinary step counter, but an advanced piece of technology, designed and manufactured by the consumer electronics powerhouse that is Philips. The app serves as a dashboard and motivates users to keep going by displaying goals and achievements.

The key factor in this project was the hardware we worked with. It runs Bluetooth Smart, also known as Bluetooth Low Energy, allowing it to communicate with smartphones almost continuously without wasting battery life. The app runs both on iOS and Android and syncs in the background, only delivering relevant notifications, like periods of prolonged inactivity or daily goals.

On top of intricate software, ActiveLink has a complex user interface for access to all metrics. Keeping in line with the web panel already established with users, the app has a clean and fresh design in an optimistic shade of green. Our Creative Team (now, Utilo—Polidea’s design studio) and designers from Philips joined forces to make sure the user experience was smooth and engaging, motivating users to come back to the app every day. With so much information being displayed, visual clutter wasn’t an option.


We look forward to working with Philips in the future, since our cooperation was great. “This project was an invaluable experience for the whole team, especially since we got to work on both the visual and functional sides,” says Błażej Marcinkiewicz, Project Lead at Polidea. Client-side, the feeling was mutual. “Everyone we worked with was fully engaged and worked towards our goal: to build an exceptional product, helping thousands of people lead healthier lives every day,” concluded Joep Rous, Development Manager at Philips.

Projects like ActiveLink are what we ultimately come to work for: challenging, fun and with a tangible impact!

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