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Polidea as the Line 6 technology partner for AMPLIFi™ mobile app, which is part of the world’s only full-range guitar amp and wireless speaker system.

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Polidea was chosen by Line 6 as a technology partner for their AMPLIFi™ mobile app, which is part of the world’s only full-range guitar amp and wireless speaker system. It combines amazing sound with a groundbreaking mobile app to make jamming and practicing fun – players are able to instantly get incredible guitar tones matched to any song in their music library and to jam along with their favorite songs. Previously, AMPLIFi™ was only available for iOS users, but due to the popular demand for an Android app, Line 6 decided to add it to their supported systems. This is where we came in.

Our engineering team was tasked with helping to redevelop the app for Android devices and to integrate this new app with the Line 6 firmware. Additionally, our Creative Team (now, Utilo—Polidea’s design studio) adjusted the UI for any platform-specific guidelines. This is another project we have encountered where we had the pleasure of working with hardware. We put in six months of development work, which resulted in a 4.8 out of 5 rating on Google Play in the first week.


The biggest challenge was handling all of the sync activity in the background and asynchronously to the user interface – the users pair their devices only once, after that, everything happens automatically. When tablet and amp are in range, they connect and sync settings without freezing the interface on the app. The app also pulls personal presets from the cloud when it goes on-line. It’s mostly a no-fuss experience: if power users want to play around with advanced settings, those are available, but by default, everything happens independently. This means that you can start using the app before all of the settings have synced or editing several settings at the same time. To pull this off, our engineers had to work extra hard on the architecture of the software, but it paid off: the app has a completely custom UI, with skeuomorphic elements that mirror controls on physical devices with their key experience – instant feedback. When you turn a dial, you can see it turn. It never locks, even if the app is simultaneously pulling conflicting data from a different source.

“It was incredibly fun to see the result of our work immediately,” says Marcin Korniluk, one of our Software Engineers. “I play guitar myself, so I could just plug-in and check out all the different functionalities we had coded.” The app is data-driven, which means there are few hard-coded elements which always appear on the screen; it comes to life once an amp is connected and tones are pulled from the cloud, which doubles its interactivity. “Great work! Very well executed project and hearing the positive response from the community is great,” says Paul Foeckler, President & CEO of Line 6. We hope to work on projects as exciting as the AMPLIFi™ Remote in the future.

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