MPay and Polidea launch payment application for Android phones

Polidea, a provider of enterprise-level mobile applications has developed a mobile payment application for mPay, the leader in mobile payments.

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Polidea, a provider of enterprise-level mobile applications has developed a mobile payment application for mPay, the leader in mobile payments.

Paying for parking, tickets and transferring funds by mobile phone has never been easier thanks to an mPay Android application developed by Polidea. The free application does not require Internet access, nor does it incur extra costs related to data transfer during the payment.

The Android application allows users to pay for everyday services such as parking or public transit tickets directly from their phones. In addition, users can send money to other users using the application without the need for special equipment or NFC capability.

Users are able to select what they wish to purchase from an intuitive menu. Once an item has been selected, a USSD code is sent from the device. The user is able to confirm their purchase by entering their PIN in the USSD menu to confirm the transaction. The system currently allows the payment of parking in over a dozen major cities and public transit tickets in five major markets. The system also allows mobile payment in any other location that displays the mPay sticker and ID number. The system enables convenient mobile payments in hundreds of locations.

“The mPay system brings the convenience of mobile payments to the average mobile customer,” stated Piotr Warsicki, CEO of mPay, “The user is able to pay for everyday goods and services directly from their mobile device. They do not have to fumble around for change or even carry a wallet with them.”

Additionally, the mPay system allows for the transfer of money between users. This payment system allows users to accept mobile payments from other users that use the mPay application. The user simply needs to enter the phone number or choose the user from their address book, enter the amount they wish to transfer, and follow the same USSD confirmation.

“What we are seeing is a trend to turn the mobile phone into a virtual wallet,” commented Jarek Potiuk, CTO of Polidea, “The mPay system is innovative in that it works on virtually any phone. The new Android application provides even more convenient and user friendly way of making mobile payments without incurring extra costs of mobile data.”

Polidea is an enterprise-level mobile application developer based in Warsaw, Poland. Polidea has developed applications for some of the most recognized brands in Poland, Europe and North America.

The company has developed applications for all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Bada, Windows Phone and WebOS.

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