Joyful banking with Namu

NAMU redefines online banking. The app connects account and spending data with personal memories making banking data much more digestible…

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We are happy to announce the launch of yet another project Polidea worked on: NAMU – Joyful Banking. NAMU connects account and spending data with personal memories: the app is populated with users’ photographs to help them organize and remember their financial history in an intuitive and visual way. So far, banking is boring. NAMU sets out to make this very important area a fun part of their users’ lives.

Polidea was tasked with front end development for both iOS and Android in close cooperation with Appsilon and NAMU itself, who developed the backend. One of the main engineering challenges was banking-level security. The iOS app uses hardware encryption to protect confidential data. Security was also one of the factors in the UI/UX area: NAMU only displays sensitive information where it is absolutely crucial.


The visuals and concepts were designed by award-winning designer Taras Kravtchouk and give the app its distinctive flair, underneath which our Creative Team built a coherent user experience. The main driving force behind it are photographs. To display them in the best possible way, the UI has a completely custom navigation. Most of the solutions were coded from scratch by our engineers, with one of the Android libraries going open source soon.


We supported the development over a total of 8 months to prepare for the public launch of the product at Money 20/20, which already raised interest with one of the biggest European banks. Implementation talks are currently underway. “The Polidea team really helped bring our vision to life”, says Thomas Ko, president and co-founder, formerly global head of mobile banking at Citi for institutional clients. Maciek Oczko, Project Lead at Polidea, echoes his sentiment: “NAMU was so much fun, we were able to see and help the product go from concept to working two-platform app. These are the projects where you learn the most.”

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