Braster - In-home Breast Examination Device

Polidea’s team of designers and developers was responsible for delivering Braster iOS and Android apps helping women in self-examination.

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We are really (really!) proud to announce that Braster has been released to the public. The polish based medical company is looking ahead of cancer and want women to be able to screen their breast for abnormalities, from the comfort of their own home and at a fair price. The ultimate goal of the device is to detect at early stages the sign of breast cancer, which in return should sky rocket the healing chances of the users. Our engineer and designer team was so thrilled to take part in this unique project, that will surely impact greatly the way we detect and prevent breast cancer and potentially save lives.

Braster team approached us last March with the clear focus to commission us the development of their Android and iOS application. We were also responsible for the UI/UX design, from creation to supervision. The greatest challenge was to cooperate between many different teams, from backend to the hardware provider. A precise and meticulous organisation was set with very regular video conferences and phone calls to synchronize perfectly our development efforts. We privileged real-time communication over standard mailing in order to be really responsive and efficient in our decision making process.


The result was a project delivered in time, and fulfilling all assessment criteria to be released to the public. We are all very happy today at Polidea to have taken part in such a genuine project. It was a great pleasure to concentrate our know-how with the final aim to make the world a safer place, for our wives, mothers, sisters and daughters. Stay tuned for more impactful projects!

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