Helping uTest to build the next generation of their iOS apps

We helped uTest, the world’s largest and leading provider of testing, to build the next generation of apps that will help to improve software worldwide.

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We’re excited. Polidea is helping uTest, the world’s largest and leading provider of crowd-sourced, in-the-wild testing, to build the next generation of applications that will help both clients and uTest’s army of testers all over the globe improve software worldwide.

uTest’s clients include some of the biggest multinationals whose range of multi-locale software products require local, so called, ‘in-the-wild testing’. uTest rightly stresses that just because an application works in the lab doesn’t mean it will work in the real world with all the additional variables thrown at it outside your control.

In order to do this, uTest helps software developers connect to testers all over the world on almost any platform in order to get real world feedback on their applications from testers who closely represent their target audience.

Having worked with uTest on Apphance and other projects Polidea was brought in to take their existing iOS application to the next level.


Test’s app for uTesters is vital to keep Software developers and uTesters informed about the latest test cycles for a particular project. Real time notifications are crucial for two reasons:

  • Software developers need to know right away if there’s a critical bug in their app
  • uTesters don’t want to waste time on bugs that have already been reported (since only new bugs will be paid)

From the app, uTesters are also able to see their balance so they can know how much they’ve earned so far. They can also apply for specific test cycles as well as see what bugs have already been raised on existing test cycles.

uTest wanted to make sure the app would be a showcase for their work and help them attract and retain potential uTesters - since the app would be in effect their office and having a good office environment is crucial to staff retention.


Polidea’s UX Team proposed more than just the basic wireframes and designs - we described to uTest a complete suite of animations and transitions inspired by Apple’s exciting change in UI direction.

As you can see from the videos, transitions between screens are fluid and bouncy. The result is in line with uTest’s desire for clients and uTesters to have fun while using the app.

Content driven design makes the app very efficient and lets users see the maximum amount of information on a single screen. Intuitive navigation, making use of new iOS 7 features like blurry backgrounds and dynamic motion effects, encourages testers and uTest clients to explore and use the app as one of their basic tools.

Our UX team was challenged to maintain uTest branding throughout the app while also breathing new life into the application’s user interface. Working closely with uTest, we think we’ve managed to do just that, but you’ll have to judge for yourself.


One of the key features in the uTest app is a brand new dashboard view. It is designed to provide testers with essential information about test cycles, payments, and activity in a clear and attractive way. The main screen is very rich in content but it does not lose cleanliness. It presents lots of navigation options as well but makes sure that accessing important features in the application and working with notifications is simple and intuitive.


Clients get a very clear overview of the bugs raised on their application, and using the uTest branded icons, know what issue types they fall under. uTesters can also browse all of the bugs raised on a test cycle so they ensure they don’t report duplicates.

The app offers also some ‘customer-specific’ features. An additional menu makes switching between projects fast and intuitive. The dashboard for uTest clients looks different and presents information about bugs reported for a specific product as well as its current Applause Score.


The Profile Screen shows basic information about the current user account including individual ratings as a tester.

Finally, the app allow uTesters and clients to message each other with a stylish, in-app messaging system which will be tracked within the project and allow for faster resolution of issues.


To accomplish all of this, Apphance was used during the entire development process to gather feedback from testers in order to maintain a high quality of the uTest app.

The uTest iPhone and iPad apps are available on the App Store.

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