Finder fleet management applications released to the markets

Polidea developed Finder fleet management applications for the iPhone, Android and the iPad devices

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Finder, the leader in fleet and personnel locating solutions, chose Polidea to develop mobile application to support their Finder On-Line platform on mobile devices.

Companies operating a fleet of vehicles have always faced the challenge of being able to identify where their vehicles are, what their status is, and what their drivers were doing. Finder launched a modern system for effective vehicle management, giving access to important information about fleet and mobile personnel accessible from a computer.

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The system allows managers to control vehicle use and provides in-depth analytics tools for raising efficiency. Managers were able to track vehicle activity through an online browser administrative panel, giving them access to task management and optimization, as well as the creation of reports for analysis.

Polidea developed applications for the iPhone, Android phones and the iPad that bring fleet tracking, reports and alerts to mobile devices. Users of the application have real-time access to their fleet information including which vehicles are active, where they are, and how fast they are moving. Vehicle trip information is recorded, giving the user an overview of where the vehicles have travelled, how long the trip took and which route was taken.

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“We interfaced with the existing system employed by Finder in order to bring real-time information to the mobile devices.” said Jarek Potiuk, CTO of Polidea, “Finder has been very forward-looking by embracing mobile devices as part of their solution. This innovative approach has allowed them to be a leader in their field and offer a valuable tool for their customers.”

The main goal of the applications and the Finder system is to save time and money. Drivers feel a higher sense of responsibility to optimize their routes and know that they cannot go on personal errands during the workday. Managers are able to view reports and have access to all of their fleet information wherever they are. Alerts enabled within the application will push notifications to the user, keeping the user updated wherever they are.

“We are very happy with the applications developed by Polidea,” said Piotr Jakubowski, CEO of Finder S.A, “The functionality of the mobile applications allows fleet managers and drivers to receive all important fleet information, alerts and status updates wherever they happen to be. The convenience and ease of use of the mobile applications is a large added value for our customers.”

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Finder has been operating since the year 2000. Currently, the company provides services in the area of locating solutions to about 2000 companies and track over 25,000 vehicles as part of the fleet tracking solution.

Polidea is an enterprise-level mobile application developer based in Warsaw, Poland. Polidea has developed applications for some of the most recognized brands in Poland, Europe and North America. The company has developed applications for all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Bada, Windows Phone and WebOS.

The Finder applications are currently available for free from app stores of respective target platforms i.e. Google Play and Apple App Store.

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