Explain Everything

WebRTC implementation for Explain Everything

We supported the edu platform Explain Everything in building a network and developing the full architecture to discover and share rich-media content live.

Project scope




Explain Everything is all about cooperation and education in the digital age. The startup is focused on developing a unique interactive screencasting whiteboard for education purposes that has been used by over 3.5 million educators and students all around the world. Last June, right after their funding round, the Polish-born company came to us. They needed our resources in order to improve the collaboration features. The real-time collaboration on multiple devices using iOS-specific frameworks was not working well and Explain Everything needed to replace that technology by implementing Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) in their app.


Our developers worked on WebRTC support in Explain Everything iOS application and web platform to make collaboration of multiple devices a reliable experience for the users. We had to keep a really close connection to Explain Everything team to define step-by-step the scope and the details of the project. This allowed us to remain in synchronicity with their product engineers and create networking that matched closely requirements of their platform. Today, each user of Explain Everything app can connect and work together with others thanks to the technology we helped to create. Users of Explain Everything platform can illustrate their thinking and visualize the results collaboratively, therefore taking intellectual capacities of the students to the next level. Since teaching happens by sharing ideas - we feel honored that we supported sharing them across the distance with WebRTC technology.

The whole implementation process was fairly complex as developing a real-time communication platform can be a treacherous enterprise. Building a multi-peer network with secured connections and developing the full architecture to discover and share rich-media content live was a challenge. Yet learning more and more about WebRTC month after month we really got fond of this piece of tech and can now imagine hundreds more uses for it. Indeed, already plenty of mobile apps enable real time video broadcasting, and more are to come so our know-how is becoming really valuable for possible future clients.

It was also a pleasure to work with Explain Everything and set a foot in future of education. So much is happening in this very field that we are really proud to have taken part in the building of a large scale disruptive education initiative. And we hope to keep doing so in the future.

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