DaWanda: Native iOS and Android Apps Tailormade For Their Users

Polidea helped DaWanda design and build a new e-commerce app that would be in sync with their users' needs.

Project scope






DaWanda is an online marketplace for unique and handmade items, where designers and creatives offer their one of a kind and limited-edition products for sale. On the website you can find unique fashion, accessories, baby items and home decor. They are a social commerce platform, where consumers can exchange creative ideas and get inspired by one another. Going against the grain of mass-production, DaWanda is a haven for those who value individuality and responsible consumption as much as they like the latest trends. With almost 50% of users browsing via smartphones and tablets on DaWanda, the Berlin-based company asked Polidea to work on an app for iOS to increase this share and offer an improved user experience with a native app.

Starting at the roots

First workshop in Berlin
First workshop in Berlin

A complex team worked on our side to give continuous support to the client at all stages of the process: our design team kicked the project off with a series of concept workshops and user research to help the Product team pin down the requirements. We then worked on user experience and visual design to make sure the mobile app was fun and interactive, while at the same time sticking to the brand-guidelines and corporate design that DaWanda users already know and love. Another round of qualitative user testing we conducted in Berlin together with the DaWanda UX team guaranteed we were getting the experience just right. “We were able to tap into an existing user base for feedback”, says Magda Zadara, one of our designers. “You only get that chance when working with established brands. It was very exciting.”

Mapping the app's structure
Mapping the app's structure

Performance is key

Our development team implemented the designs in sync with both the product team and DaWanda mobile developers. Since the app is almost completely populated by user content, building a UI that provided a solid framework for displaying products was key. Antoni Kędracki, our iOS tech lead, says: “We pride ourselves the most on the product listview component we constructed. Because of its flexibility we can reuse it in different sections of the app with ease. This also allowed us to invest into perfecting and optimising it, which makes the app incredibly performant.” On our side we also provided extensive testing services, both manual and automated, to ensure a smooth and lightweight product – both in terms of user interface and data crunching.

The Android app has a different UI, with a platform-native information architecture polished by DaWanda’s own design team. Building two apps in parallel added some communication overhead, but allowed for releases in quick succession, so that almost all of the DaWanda user base is covered by native, crash-free apps.


This was one of the biggest teams we’ve put together and it required a good amount of process management. Everyone was synced in a very rigorous scrum process coordinated client side, which, once brought into full swing, allowed us to work very quickly on big parts of the app. Cooperation was central in this project, right from the start when we started to bring to life the vision of Steffen Schulz, DaWanda’s Director Product Management & Mobile Strategy. “Our partnership with Polidea showed that agile processes can dramatically decrease time-to-market without losing flexibility. This approach allowed us also to continuously integrate customer feedback even during development and we’re able to release an app which our customers love”, says Schulz. The fashion industry is a welcome new addition to Polidea’s portfolio, one that we hope to build on in the future.

You can get the apps on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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