Building Tomorrow's Banking App

We are proud to announce the release of the new version of IKO, a revolutionary payment app HP and Polidea built for PKO Bank Polski.

Project scope




IKO is a standalone mobile payment product created by PKO Bank Polski. It allows users to pay for products and services directly, bypassing credit card operators and GSM carriers, as well as make transfers, send and withdraw money or pay for online shopping, all from their phone. IKO does not require a high end device and runs on the following systems: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Java and Blackberry. This covers almost all mobile phones used on the Polish market. The app is native on all platforms, ensuring not only speed, but also a very high level of security, which was crucial in this project and confirmed by multiple external security audits.

To champion this from-the-ground-up rebuild, Polidea has put together an interdisciplinary team in cooperation with HP. We implemented several methodologies to effectively coordinate work in this unusually large group, most prominently the SCRUM system. All developers worked under one roof to assure a smooth and coherent experience on all platforms and a well constructed backend.

“This was a new and exciting challenge for us,” says Project Manager Mateusz Grzechociński, “because it required to bring together the widest possible range of competences both in programming and productivity management. We felt a great responsibility to the thousands of people who will use the app and expect their money to be safe.” PKO Bank Polski was a great partner at all stages of the project.

Polidea will continue the relationship with PKO Bank Polski to create further innovative products basing on the experience gained from the IKO project and to keep revolutionising the Polish mobile banking.

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