Allegro application released

Polidea ships an official Windows Mobile app for Allegro online auction site

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Polidea announced today the successful completion of the Allegro Windows Mobile client. Commissioned by QXL Poland, owner of Allegro, the client allows users of Windows Mobile devices full control over their buying and selling activities on the largest online auction site in Central and Eastern Europe.

“Our application literally compresses the power of Allegro into the palm of one’s hand” said John Bailey, Project Engineer at Polidea. “Practically all of the functionality of traditional web based site is available on a mobile device – buying, selling, tracking auctions, checking sellers’ reputation score – you name it. Usually it is even more convenient. For example you can snap a photo of an item with phone’s camera and have it posted with its own price and description in less than a minute. It gets addictive.”

The user interface design mimics the principles used in other mobile versions of Allegro. However, certain modifications have been made to better integrate it within the Microsoft Windows Mobile environment and specific properties of a typical device, such as resistive touch screen.

“I was very positively surprised by the result of Polidea’s work. They managed to recreate an iPhone level user experience on a traditional Windows Phone. Amazing!” mentioned Kamil Brzeziński, Mobile IT Manager at QXL Poland.

Polidea’s Allegro application is available from the Windows Marketplace for Windows Mobile 6.0, 6.1 and 6.5 devices. Windows 7 being a completely new operating system is currently not supported, but initial design work has already started. “Windows 7 is based on a totally new model of user interaction and this requires novel approach to designing user interfaces. This is our area of expertise and we absolutely hope to be able to put our skills to good use while developing Allegro client for this operating system in the future” said Polidea CEO, Jakub Lipiński.

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