Nasi Na Dakarze

Adam Malysz at the Dakar Rally

Follow Adam Malysz on your mobile devices, the website and Facebook using the service delivered by Polidea

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Adam Malysz fires the emotions of millions of fans cheering on both the slopes and in front of their TVs. The next step in his career is off-road racing. In January 2012 he took on the legendary Dakar Rally, and thanks to a new service called ‘Nasi Na Dakarze’ (or ‘Our Guys in Dakar’) fans around the world were able to cheer him on via their mobiles or browsers. The service was created by the Finder corporation in cooperation with Polidea.

Nasi Na Dakarze screenshots

“The aim was to give Adam’s fans access to the latest information on the rally course and his progress. Fans were able to keep in touch with his progress despite the huge distance and time difference. To achieve this, an innovative information service was launched, the likes of which haven’t been achieved before in Poland.In order to realise this ambitious service, we commissioned mobile and web experts Polidea” said Piotr Jakubowski, President of Finder, the market leader in satellite positioning technology, and also the sponsor of Adam Malysz’s RMF Caroline Team.

‘Nasi Na Dakarze’ served up the very latest news and events from the rally. Updates were compiled and edited by a special press team in South America. They continuously sent messages, photos and footage to ensure fans stay up to date. ‘Nasi Na Dakarze’ raised the bar in terms of quality for sports participation. Any user could post questions. Daily votes decided which questions are posed to Adam Malysz and his rally team. The service allowed fans to keep track of rally stages on the map, classification and ranking. Users could also learn more about each stage of the rally and the composition of teams and cars.

Nasi Na Dakarze Android and iOS

‘We live in changing times. Fans are no longer satisfied staring passively into their television sets. They want to be in the center of the action, have access to the latest information at any time, anywhere and through any medium. They want to be able to share their views and emotions, and even influence the course of events. This exciting idea guided us during the creation of service’

  • said Jakub Lipinski, CEO of Polidea.

The service is truly unique in terms of its scale and diversity of communication channels. Fans used the website (www.nasinadakarze.pl), via their PCs or using mobile phones. As well as this, a suite of mobile applications for iPhone / iPad or Android Phone / Tablet were specially created to delight and entertain users. The apps allowed posting on Facebook and message tracking.

Nasi Na Dakarze tablet version

“This is one of the most interesting and ambitious services we’ve ever created. It combines the Internet, mobile applications, SMS and Facebook to fully immerse fans in Adam’s incredible adventure. The implementation of a total service, from design, through graphics, programming and preparation of the infrastructure was a challenge for the whole team but one we really relished.” - added Polidea’s CTO Jarek Potiuk.

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