A Step Further in The Payment Solution Development

World’s first multifunctional payment device. Albert brings together PCI certification and a custom-made and hardened version of Android Lollipop system.

Project scope



AEVI is a subsidiary of Diebold Nixdorf in the development of innovative payment solutions. Their last born product was named Albert. Albert is one of the first payment terminals that brings together PCI certification and a flexible application development with a full application ecosystem. This very encounter opens up payment terminals to many more interesting cases that only 3rd party developers can process. Those two requirements seems like fire & water combined - Albert is the first solution of its kind that can actually do that.

AEVI ordered us to implement with a custom-made and hardened version of Android Lollipop operating system. The scope of the project is so large that 5 teams spanned between 5 countries have joined us in our development effort. We are now proud to say that the system we co-created, as Albert itself have passed the PCI Security Standards Council certification in July 2016 and are both ready to ship .


Albert is our largest project to date and surely bear with it many great challenges. When AEVI hired us our task was not only to deliver the product but also help the company - which specialized in hardware development process to apply modern software development approach to Operating System development. The task required a perfect synchronization of the development efforts across countries, time-zones and continents.

Indeed, nine of Polidea’s engineers, and 16 more from our partners have been coding more than 500 repositories. We also helped to establish not only modern, iterative development process for all the teams but also set of tools and accompanying processes that help to increase both productivity of individual developers and efficiency of cooperation in the teams and between the teams. The job required a lot of low-level hardware-related work as much as very high level design operations of the OS architecture and cross-disciplinary toolset crossing - where DevOps approach would really shine. Amongst many improvements in the whole toolset we introduced a full-development-cycle integrated continuous build and code review process and verification of the Android OS builds with 500+ repos, signed code commit which was required in order to pass the PCI certification. But the very difficulties are also what drove us forward. “Automate everything” was our motto! Dozens of scripts built the operating system multiple times a day to insure the greatest quality of our commits.

Part of the task was also team building-we organized a monthly 3 days workshop between all partnering companies and the 30 engineers, project managers and clients taking part in the project. The bonding experience was really rewarding and the teamwork was very much affected by the general positive atmosphere. We gradually improved our processes and release cycle so that we ended up with very manageable product life-cycle. That was all thanks to agile approach - regular demos, retrospectives, and above all continuous self-improvement of the way we are organized were instrumental to that.

We are looking forward to continuing the relationship and bringing Albert to many markets across the globe in the upcoming months. With all the tools and environment we created, we are prepared to scale up and the whole team has all the tools necessary to efficiently ship new version of the OS every few weeks and be ready for more customers and hardware challenges.

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