Polidea’s team delivered Dolby On—iOS and Android native mobile applications for audio recording and processing in videos and songs.


Dolby On

A recording studio in your pocket

In one of our longest-running projects to date, Polidea worked with incapptic Connect to create the MVP iteration of their mobile automation app release product.

App Management

incapptic Connect

Accelerate Your App Release Pipeline

Manuel Bruschi

CEO & Co-Founder,Timeular
Polidea scaled their development team to deliver the software on an aggressive timeline. The agency serves as a partner, not a vendor. Their dependable work ethic and commitment to the project have fostered an atmosphere of trust and collaboration.

Polidea delivered a suite of mobile and desktop apps fully integrated with ZEI — a revolutionary time tracker from Timeular.



Timeular - ZEIº - Take Your Time Seriously Thanks to IoT Solution

As part of the open source community, Polidea team developed and implemented an extensive set of operators for the Airflow system to work with different cloud service providers.

Open Source

Apache Airflow

An All-In-One Scheduler for Seamless Workflows

Apache Beam is a unified programming model used to implement both batch and streaming data processing jobs. Polidea delivered a testing framework that helps users make more informe...

Open Source

Apache Beam

A Testing Framework for Apache Beam

As part of this groundbreaking project, Polidea delivered iOS and Android mobile apps as well as a web app fully integrated with the Humon ecosystem — the Humon Hex sensors and the...



Humon—Wearable Tech Empowering People!

Play NEXT is a mobile network in... your app! Polidea provided development, design and project management expertise, delivering iOS and Android mobile applications.



Play NEXT—Mobile Virtual Network Operator in Your App

Papereed is a Swedish-based startup offering a range of audio services. Polidea was responsible for creating an accessible iOS app for audio streaming.



Great content deserves to be listened to...by everybody!

We are excited about the launch of iOS app for SHOWROOM, the first E-commerce platform made for designers!



E-commerce App to Highlight Creativity

Polidea’s team of designers and developers was responsible for delivering Braster iOS and Android apps helping women in self-examination.



Braster - In-home Breast Examination Device

World’s first multifunctional payment device. Albert brings together PCI certification and a custom-made and hardened version of Android Lollipop system.



A Step Further in The Payment Solution Development

Polidea provided iOS and Android apps for members of Best Buddies' school programs, connecting friends and social groups all over the world.


Best Buddies

Best Buddies - Social Applications for An Inspiring Organisation

Polidea team supported Internet of Things start-up Emberlight in bringing their app to the Android platform.

Smart solutions


Enabling Smart Lights with Emberlight Android and BLE Hardware

Polidea as the Line 6 technology partner for AMPLIFi™ mobile app, which is part of the world’s only full-range guitar amp and wireless speaker system.



New great music with Line6

Polidea cooperated with Philips on both software and design of ActiveLink app.



Actively live with Philips

We are proud to announce the release of the new version of IKO, a revolutionary payment app HP and Polidea built for PKO Bank Polski.



Building Tomorrow's Banking App

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