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Recruitment Intern

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Recruiting process

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We'll meet for a coffee and an interview

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Why you will love us

Work environment

  • Location: the Centre of Warsaw (Przeskok 2)
  • Flexible office hours
  • Specialty coffee, tea and yerba everyday
  • Breakfast snacks and fruits always in the kitchen
  • Stability (50% of our employees has been working with us for more than 3 years)
  • Honesty and feedback culture
  • Work from home is no problem

Personal development

  • Experienced developers ready for mentoring
  • Individual career path with 1on1 meetings and evaluations
  • Fixed self-development budget for every employee
  • 3 days per year for your trainings and conferences
  • Office library with books of your choice
  • Internal meetups and experience sharing
  • 50% refund for English classes

Social life perks

  • Monthly budget for team events
  • Away day in the summer
  • Employment Contract or B2B - your choice
  • Wellbeing/health trainings
  • Policinema with popcorn, drinks and pizza once a month
  • Private smartphone (or other device like smartwatch, headphones) for a fraction of a cost