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Why Did I Choose to Work at Polidea?

First things first. No one forced me to write this blog post. I volunteered.

Before I move on with my exquisite argumentation for getting a chance to work at Polidea, drinking specialty coffee with cool people while discussing our cloud, IoT mobile projects we make for big brands and disruptive startups, let me ask you a question.

Have you ever had a “nah, it can’t get any worse than that” moment? Maybe you lost your job, broke up with your significant other, got serious health issues or it all hit you at the same time?

Well, I was in similar circumstances while looking for a job. Among a certain number of tech companies, Polidea (even though there was no open position for the role I was looking for) made the best impression. In this blog post, I’ll try to explain why.



This is the first word that comes to my mind when I think about the 1st e-mail I sent to Polidea. As mentioned, there was no open vacancy for a Project Manager position at that time. Although the PM’s role was not their priority, I received an immediate answer and then jumped on a call with Polidea.

*Try not to hear Aretha Franklin’s voice singing “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” while reading this.


Sharing my ideas, operating within my true values, expressing my true feelings without feeling judged. These were the key aspects I’ve been searching for a long time. Gladly, I found them at Polidea. It doesn’t matter if you are a Software Developer, Tester, Designer, Project Manager, at Polidea there’s space for everyone.

At the beginning I was afraid that as a newcomer it will take some time for me to find my own voice at the company.. Luckily, I experienced the opposite—I felt heard appreciated and motivated to do better every day.

In addition to that, I’m not the only one to see how authentic Polideans appear. I’ve been visiting our client lately. Do you know what was the first thing he said after I had asked him about his thoughts on cooperating with us? “You don’t ever, ever, lose two things at Polidea - HONESTY and BEING DIRECT.”



They say “if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” Although there is a lot of guesswork about the author of this sentence, I fully agree with its sense. You can find out the whole thread on Quora if you’re into the subject.

I longed for workmates who, thanks to their attitude and experience, would motivate me to become a better version of my professional and personal self. Seems like it’s happening at Polidea. Working with colleagues who not only can argue in a civilized way but also have a common goal in front of their eyes all the time is like being ‘on cloud nine’. What’s even better, I encounter it every time I walk into the office.

As you know I am not an engineer. Though, looking at my teammates sometimes I regret I can’t create software together with them. Am I crazy? Only a bit (or byte - ba dum tss…). The projects I’m taking care of are mostly open source. Thanks to their nature and the involvement in the tech community I can observe how my teammates grow. Becoming better every day is not only possible—it’s crucial. The community’s eyes are on the code they produce. How cool is that?!

Becoming a committer in open source projects, looking at the green field on Github, all that fame and glory - these are only a few perks my open source-focused colleagues can count on.

The reason I’ve listed all of the above examples is my admiration for Polidea’s strong will to reach mastery and sharing knowledge. I am super proud to be a part of such a story.


Having a real impact on someone’s life. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of such a project? Remember when I mentioned Polidea’s honesty and directness? Same goes for projects I have the pleasure to work on. They are not chosen randomly. Lots of them, if you haven’t had a chance to check them out on our website, are real life changers. Not only are we involved in masterclass projects but also we’re able to affect how Polidea or the client’s business performs. It doesn’t matter if my idea is a breakthrough or a little step forward. I feel that my voice is important. This is what matters most to me.



Although I seem to be an extrovert on the outside, I’m actually more introverted deep inside. Thankfully, as for work at Polidea I have a chance to work from home whenever I need a deep focus. Also, I’m not a morning person in particular. Fortunately, no one at Polidea forces me to be in the office at sunrise. What a sigh of relief, after everything I’ve experienced in various companies. It’s not really a matter of flexibility as much as a case of trust.. Since I’m able to be flexible I don’t take advantage of it.


I know what you might think. You’ve probably checked my Linkedin profile and told yourself “She’s been working with them for how long? 3 months? Yeah, everyone is happy at the beginning”— and you have every right to think this way. If I were you, I’d have doubts as well. However, you don’t know how much time and patience it took before I found the right place for myself. An authentic company which has space for growth, self-development. I am heard. I have an impact. I can work whenever I want.
Finding the right job is like finding the right partner. If it’s ‘the one’, you know it. Thoughts? Let me know in the comments. I’ll reply in return for specialty coffee beans ;)

If you want to learn more about the recruitment process at Polidea and our culture, click here.

P.S. Thank you Polidea-people for being awesome <3

Karolina Rosół

Head of Cloud & Open Source

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