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Web Summit 2018: Smart home solutions, IoT and more

Smart home, Internet of Things and automotive solutions—these are some of the most discussed topics during Web Summit 2018. What an event! Almost 70 thousand attendees from 159 countries and 1200 speakers… With numbers like that there’s a lot of insights, experiences and products to be shared. Here come some highlights of what was presented during Web Summit 2018, including smart home solutions, automotive solutions and Internet of Things products.

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Smart home solutions

There’s a huge increase in smart home solutions—in fact it’s predicted that in 2022, the spending on smart home hardware will reach 80 billion dollars. More and more companies in the smart home sector change their goals from simply creating innovative solutions to focusing on impacting humanity and its living conditions.

Jim Hunter

If tech is not there for people, what is it there for?

Security is now the main issue and a bonding factor in the industry—IoT companies are expanding vertically and think how to keep people safe in their own homes, above everything else. Another trend we can notice is investing in the accessibility—improving access especially for senior citizens. Darwin by Delos is an intelligence platform that improves environmental conditions in our homes by controlling lights and enhancing our natural day circle, improving sleeping conditions and air quality. It’s the world’s first residential wellness technology platform.


IoT and the environment

1/3 of all the energy consumed in the world is used for heating and cooling down buildings. Plus, 1 billion households are being heated and cooled with old technology. This is why it’s important to look at the way we control the temperature and involve smart home energy solutions. According to Toon Bouten, CEO of tado°, in the future all heating and cooling will be intelligent.

Toon Bouten

I think the future of IoT lies in the seamless integration. If we do it well then the consumer won’t even notice the intelligence of those automatic products.

The energy consumption in Europe is over 1000 euros for heating and cooling annually. This is where tado° comes in with their intelligent, IoT smart thermostats. Their products are saving energy by using geolocation (if you’re the last person to leave the house the system can turn off automatically), open window detection (if a window is open the system automatically turns down as well), and weather prediction (if the sun is coming up on one side of your home then you can correct the heating). That’s definitely an example of a smart home energy solution!


Smart cars

Bosch is the biggest supplier of automotive solutions and connectivity sensors in the world. Machine learning, big data and AI play a huge role in developing their products, especially since they’ve launched the Mobility Solutions Division. According to Michael Bolle, CTO and CDO at Bosch, AI will not replace engineers but will expand their possibilities. Their main goal is to change the way a user interacts with a car and guarantee more safety thanks to AI.

Michael Bolle

CTO & CDO,Bosch
Our vision of the future is to become a leading company in IoT. AI is a key technology for us in achieving that.

Bernd Heinrichs, CDO of Smart Mobility Solutions at Bosch, claims the idea of a car ownership and ownership as a whole is changing dramatically today. Smart, autonomous cars can help reduce accidents, pollution and stress. While more and more companies are betting on changing the idea of ownership and shared economy, we might see a significant decrease in number of cars in the future.

Bernd Heinrichs

CDO of Smart Mobility Solutions,Bosch
Autonomous cars will only be able to work in partnership: with the consumers, cities and enterprises.


By the way, stay tuned for a full interview with Bernd on our blog on machine learning and autonomous cars—coming soon!

If you went to Web Summit 2018 too, share with us your favorite highlights from this year’s talks;)

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