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Wearable Technology Show 2019—Speakers to Follow

Wearable Technology Show 2019—the leader in wearable tech conferences—is coming! It’s happening in London on March 12-13 and we’ll be there! For this occasion we thought of sharing some amazing speakers we’re most excited to see during the event. Enjoy our list!

And if you’d like to grab a coffee while we’re there — drop us a message. Our Head of Growth Maciej and Business Development Specialist Piotr will be happy to talk ;)

David Cannington

A true #PositiveTech personality! David has a broad experience in advertising and marketing. For over 20 years he has been helping Australian tech companies go global, either as a founder, operator or a growth advisor. However, his real passion lies in building solutions that have a positive impact on people’s lives. He’s currently the CMO & Co-Founder of Nuheara—a company that changes the way people around the world listen, communicate and connect with each other, by creating smart and affordable hearing solutions.

Nuheara hearing solution. Source: [press kit](

David Goldsby

David is a Technology Innovation Manager at Carnell, where he develops a new technology innovation function. Carnell has over 20 years of experience in providing specialist maintenance and support services for the UK’s highways and construction markets. David’s goal is to deliver innovative technology solutions straight to the end user, answering their needs and ensuring safety.

Leon Eisen

Definitely follow Leon Eisen PhD during Wearable Technology Show 2019! Leon is an inventor, Founder & CEO of the Oxitone smartwatch–the first FDA-cleared Wrist-Sensor Blood Oxygen Monitor without a fingertip probe. Being passionate about transforming home care, Leon created Oxitone especially for chronically ill patients who can check blood oxygen level and pulse rate anytime, outside the hospital. It’s said to ensure even 50% reduction in health care costs!

Ben Cooper

Ben is the Director of Technical Business Development at Flex and Managing Director at IoClothes—a website that drives the community of professionals Fusing Tech & Textiles™. IoClothes provides various tools and content helping experts from different backgrounds build smart textile products. Before being involved with smart textiles he co-founded an innovative smart baby monitor called Sensible Baby.

Anmol Sood

After founding Equivital in 2008, CEO Anmol Sood has definitely earned the title of the leader in the Professional Wearable Technology market. Equivital’s mobile human monitoring solutions use real-world data, machine learning and wearable tech to monitor people’s health, save lives and improve performance. One of their products called LifeMonitor is a body sensor that measures skin temperature, ECG, breathing rate, heart rate, activity and body position, connecting with external sensors to store and transmit that data.

Bayju Thakar

Dr. Bayju Thakar is a Founder of Doctor Care Anywhere—company that brings accessible and friendly medical care straight to the user. The platform offers human support, advice and all the tools needed to take care of your health. According to Dr. Thakar “If we want digital healthtech to take off, we have to roll it out as thoughtfully as we can.”.

Doctor Care Anywhere connected devices. Source: [press kit](

Phil Case

Phil Case is a disability advocate, NHS improvement technologist and Partner at RoundConcept. Being a partial amputee himself, Phil puts his expertise into creating various digital solutions that can help others: from developing AR smart glasses to home automation, connected care, wearables, prosthetics, robotics…just to name a few. At RoundConcept he joined the team developing Third Eye—a wireless thermal attachment for glasses.

Jay Perret

Dr. Jay Parrett has over 30 years of experience in AI—developing and bringing various smart solutions to the market. Being a CTO & DPO of Physigo, he focuses on applying Artificial Intelligence in the Physio/Healthcare industry. Their smart wearables help people recover from various injuries, strokes and operations. During Wearable Technology Show 2019, they will be presenting their first smartwear product, PhysiWear—a pair of diagnostic trousers.

Atsushi Ishii

Atsushi Ishii has truly done it all; after developing innovative solutions at IBM, Rakuten and Infoseek, he founded Couger—developing top-selling online games across South Korea, US and Japan. As a CEO of Connectome he is currently working on the real space virtual assistant using AI, AR and Blockchain technology.

Raj Partheban

Founder and creator of the WITgrip—Wearable Interactive Technology grip. Raj Partheban and his company focus on providing unique transformative solutions in applications like smartphones, flexible screen devices, logistics, security, defence and medical devices. Dr. Partheban came with the idea of WITgrip long time ago while learning to fly. He noticed that navigators tend to wear their watches on the side of their wrists while operating a clipboard. After smartphones gained popularity, he took the idea of side watches and applied it to his smart product.

And you—who are you looking forward to meet during one of the best wearable tech conferences? If you’d like to hang out during the event, don’t forget to ping us!

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