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WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2019—Speakers and Talks to Follow

Entering the website of WeAreDevelopers, we immediately notice a statement reading: “Join the World’s Largest Developers Congress.” It’s bold but also true—numbers don’t lie. With over 200 speakers and 8 stages divided into 5 major themes, this is a must-attend event. Thousands of participants are a sight to behold and we couldn’t possibly be at all the stages at once. That’s why we have prepared a list of top 5 speakers and talks that are especially worth seeing.

This year’s Congress takes place in CityCube Berlin and—you’ve guessed it—we will be attending as well! If you want to grab a coffee with Maciek or Piotr prior to or during the conference, let them know :)

Top 5 speakers

Rafael Herrera

Rafael Herrera is the Chief Data Officer at AUTO1—a world’s largest online marketplace for used cars with headquarters in Berlin. Considering that each day AUTO1 adds more than 3,000 certified cars, the position of the CDO is especially important. Rafael is responsible for company-wide management, analysis and reporting of data (assets). He has a vast experience in Business Intelligence projects and is skilled in numerous big data platforms.


Renaud Visage

Renaud Visage—the founding technical architect of and the Chief Technical Officer at Eventbrite—the biggest live events ticket selling platform in the world. The company wouldn’t be where it is now if not for his ability to foresee the changes that the Internet would indeed undergo. Far-reaching changes like the increased significance of social media and big data analytics. Now, he invests in new business opportunities and takes beautiful photos from around the globe.

Jan Ramm

Jan Ramm began working at mytaxi in 2010 as the Head of Software Architecture. Two years into this tenure as the Chief Technical Officer (CTO), mytaxi merged with Hailo. The merger involved the integration of the Hailo technology platform to mytaxi stack, for which Jan was chiefly responsible. It also further asserted mytaxi dominance on the market. The company created the first taxi app and now provides its services in 100 cities around Europe.


David Schwartz

The influence that David Schwartz has had on the FinTech industry is profound, to say the least. He’s the CTO at Ripple and the original architect of the XPR network. XPR is a cryptocurrency created by Ripple which simplifies and accelerates the cross-border payment process between financial institutions. David has a vast knowledge of blockchain and cryptography which he will demonstrate during his talk “Blockchain Beyond the Hype”.

Alvar Lumberg

Alvar Lumberg is the Engineering Lead at TransferWise. His interests lie both in software and KYC (Know Your Client) development. He cares about the code as much as for people writing it—which is something quite unique. TransferWise has an interesting service as well, providing borderless international banking for people travelling around the globe. And saving its clients money in the process.

Top 5 talks

“How I’ve Built an Empowered Team of Fully Distributed Teammates”

In his talk, Marcus Wermuth will demonstrate that remote work can be as effective as at the office. He values and promotes open communication and feedback. Marcus is an enthusiastic advocate of these ideas which he applies every day. He is currently the Head of Mobile at Buffer—a social media management platform. Of course, working remotely.


“How to Build Android for a Long-lasting Phone?”

Agnes Crepet’s talk will centre around the Fairphone—the name of both the company striving for social change in the mobile industry and the product with which they want to achieve it. Being the Tech Lead & Head of IT at Fairphone, she will dive deeper into each software layer and their open-source operating system (sic!). Truly, a positive tech company. Besides professional work, Agnes leads tech communities and actively participates in conferences and meetups.

“Seeding Culture in New Locations during Hypergrowth”

Alina Denisenko will deliver a talk on the challenges of scaling-up and opening a new office. Alina is the Tech Lead at N26—a bank designed for the modern times which achieved enormous growth. She will cover issues such as hiring, on-boarding and maintaining office culture in a new office. Alina has a vast experience in large scale software development.

“Key Insights on How to Evolve into a Platform Company”

Drawing on his vast and versatile experience as a Product Leader, team builder and mentor, Nicholas Goubert will share his know-how on building platforms optimized to power successful ecosystems. Currently, Nicholas is the VP of Products at Native Instruments—a company developing, manufacturing, and selling music software and hardware for music production.


“Data-driven and Cloud-native Ecosystems in the Automotive Industry”

In his talk, Patric Lanners will talk about the transformation occurring in his current place of work—the BMW Group. Moreover, he will present a set of core AI use cases. Patric is the Lead Solution Architect engaged in turning an enormous monolithic application into microservices located on the public cloud.

There you have it! If you happen to be in Berlin and want to grab a cup of coffee with us and engage in some experience sharing, let us know.

The cover and all photos come from the WeAreDeveloper Press Kit, available here.

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