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Trendwatching#7—Best Startups at TOA Berlin! The Digital Top 50 Awards

Staying on the subject of conferences and Tech Open Air, we’re looking forward to checking out some fascinating and disruptive products. The Digital Top 50 Awards contest organized by TOA aims to reward and celebrate the bold and trailblazing work of tomorrow’s top entrepreneurs in Europe. Created by Google, McKenzie and Rocket the startups will be awarded in few categories: B2B Start-ups, B2C Start-ups, B2B Scale-ups, B2C Scale-ups, and Tech for Social Impact Companies.

In this article we gathered companies, products and services we are the most excited about.

Status Today

Status Today is a pioneering data platform powered by AI, that helps create a good, efficient and cooperative work environment. The technology provides insights and analysis without the subjective paper-evaluations, to keep track on the wellness of the employees. It’s a great tool for all the managers who want to better their skills and make sure their team reaches their highest potential without the unnecessary stress.

People at the desk at work discussing the project over laptops.


Doctrin helps healthcare providers to digitize the patient journey. An app allows patients to contact their doctor 24/7, access their thorough medical history and have easier access to professional healthcare. Doctrin has a holistic approach to healthcare, that should be accessible easily by everyone, without losing the triage quality.


A non-invasive but effective security system for your home? Minut created Point–an inconspicuous device you attach within minutes on the wall and connect via Wifi to a mobile app. Point notifies you about a detected movement (it can actually tell the difference between the breaking of a glass and a window), sudden changes in temperature (eg. when you leave a stove on) and get in touch with your trusted neighbors or friends to help you out when you’re not nearby.

Minut app and the device.
*Source: Minut press kit*


GTN is transforming drug discovery through machine learning and quantum physics. According to their website, bringing a new drug to the market costs 2.9 billion dollars and takes about 15 years. GTN is offering a solution by searching the large space of drug-like molecules with their unique patented technology, Generative Tensorial Networks. The software efficiently discovers innovative new drug-like molecules, which will significantly enhance the drug-discovery process.

Kaia Health

Kaia Health meets the patients with chronic back pain half-way with their AI and apps that help ease the pain long-term, not just at the specific moment. Kaia digitalizes multimodal therapy plus adds AI features to make old-school ways of therapy more effective. The users report 40% long-term retention throughout the 6 months of using the program (2.5 therapy sessions per week on average).


An app that makes the process of digitally submitting documents quick, easy and—most importantly—secure. When an ID is needed in order to use a service, Onfido opens a camera on your phone and allows you to take pictures, send them and verify that one is impersonating you by face-recognition and anti-spam tests. The solution can significantly boost your business— increase conversions by up to 40%, cut the costs and reduce your risks. They carry out checks in 192 countries for global clients such as Couchsurfing, Zipcar and Revolut.

Person scanning their document with a phone app.
*Source: Onfido press kit*


Overleaf makes writing, editing and publishing articles easier and quicker. It’s an online LaTeX (a document preparation system) and Rich Text tool that enables collaboration between authors, institutions and publishers. It helps you find errors fast, see previews in real time, access and edit texts via tablet, iPad, smartphone. Plus it’s great for making presentations too!


Looking for a job is stressful and time-consuming? The hiring process is complicated and all “over the place”? Not with CornerJob! It’s a job matching platform that enables users (both recruiters and applicants) to post and find geolocated job offers, apply to them, chat directly with the recruiters and vice versa. The app sends notifications about the recruitment process and keeps you up to date whether someone wants to talk to you, you’ve been accepted or rejected for the position. No more “ignorance is a bliss” aka drama situation;)

A woman staring down her smartphone.


Amboss is a game-changer in medical education. The learning platform contains of a test (Question Bank) with fully explained answers (wrong and correct ones) and a comprehensive, verified by physicians up-to-date knowledge library. It’s a perfect tool to revise and prepare for medical exams.


Bomberbot is committed to make digital education for primary school students (8 to 14 years old) accessible and helping them become “successful citizens in the 21st century”. The platform assists teachers in teaching computer programming and basic digital knowledge. Bomberbot is currently very popular in Finland and the Netherlands, with over 130 thousand children learning about tech from it.

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