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Trendwatching#6—The Best Tech Events of 2018 You Need to Know

In the last Trendwatching article, we talked about the best UX design events. Now it’s time for the engineers! With the help of Polidea’s developers, we gathered some awesome events and meetups from all over the world, that are worth checking out.


June 05-06, Warsaw

MCE Conference engineering hits? Well-known #iOS experts like Ellen Shapiro, Graham Lee and Android specialists Pierre-Yves Ricau and Wojtek Kaliciński. They’ll be talking about the cross-platform and native development, QA, being a tech Team Lead and more! Also check out the thematic session “Living in cross-platform world” right after the Keynote with Eugenio Marletti, with Andy Dyer and Damian Mehers on stage!

MCE is happening on the 5th - 6th of June in Warsaw and the good news is—the tickets and group discounts are still available. Check out the full agenda here and find out what stands behind our theme Redefining Tech.

A picture from last year's MCE conference-the audience during the talk.

Tech Open Air

June 19-22, Berlin

Created in 2012 by a bunch of tech enthusiasts, the event connects various spheres of the energetic business scene in Berlin. By putting technology in the broader context, organizers are close to us, believing that the future of work and life depends on its progress and shape. We’ll be there, catching the latest trends and networking. Stay tuned for the upcoming teaser of the event with the most interesting talks and speakers!

The Lead Developer London

June 27-28, London

LeadDev conference was created with team leads in mind. Revolving around 3 key themes Team, Tech and Tools, the event tries to answer to the needs of every TL in the tech world and give them practical solutions to their everyday problems. How to combine the role of a developer and a manager? Go to London on the 27th of June to learn from software engineers and leaders from GitHub, Sky, FutureLearn and more!


June 04-08, San Jose, CA

We know you know it but we simply have to write about it :) It’s happening around the same time as MCE 2018 and we know the choice is hard! Jokes aside, we will definitely be following WWDC updates and as one of our software engineers has just won WWDC scholarship, we’ll have our representative there. It’s the event for developers. The announcements made there change the status quo. As for the conference’s plan, it covers sessions, hands-on labs and more side events.Can’t wait to see Hair Force One to take the stage :)

Someone taking a picture on their phone, during the event.

Impact ‘18

June 13-14, Krakow

The future of digital economy connects business, public sector and emerging startups. Impact has gathered the leaders of various fields for the discussion on trends, public good and technology revolutionizing everyday lives. The lineup features some of the biggest names and among them Sophia the robot, government officials and a strong representation of the media/business world. This event certainly puts a broader perspective on the intersection of technology and economy.

Kotlin Conf Amsterdam

October 03-05, Amsterdam

The primary development of Kotlin programming language is from a team of JetBrains - programmers from a company based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Not surprisingly, JetBrains is the conference’s organizer. The speakers will go deep into the subject with Svetlana Isakova (MCE 2017 speakers!) Roman Elizarov, Florina Muntenescu during the pre-conference workshops. The agenda of the conference itself will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

OpenIoT Summit Edinburgh

October 22-24, Edinburgh

Having a number of IoT projects in our portfolio, we were waiting for this kind of event. Designed for developers and architects working on industrial Internet of Things solutions it is a premiere IoT conference. The experts from the leading tech companies will be joined by those involved in the most important open source projects. The agenda will be published in August but we have a feeling that it’s worth checking out!

A developer is holing up a peace of paper with Code written on it.


WarsawJS is a local community of JavaScript professionals. During monthly meetups, they gather to talk about the programming language and share experience on development tools, web browsers, mobiles servers, databases, video games etc. The great thing about WarsawJS is that during the ‘lightning talks’ part every participant can get on stage and share their ideas. It’s a perfect place to hang out with the industry professionals and get inspired.


July 04-06, Barcelona

AddConf corresponds to our MCE Conference as it also connects mobile apps’ designers and developers. Happening on June 4-6 in Barcelona, it aims to create a synergy between the two groups, often working together on a daily basis but choosing different tech events to attend. Speakers come from the leading companies such as Spotify, Shopify, Facebook, Uber etc.

Droidcon Berlin

June 25-27, Berlin

Android developers meet in Berlin! Organizers claim that their number will reach 1200+ and they will a lot do explore judging by the fact that there are to be more than 80 tech talks and 6 tracks. Among the subjects: cross-platform development, Internet of Things, accessibility and much more. Our strong representation of Android developers will be there!

A girl from an audience is raising her hand during the conference.


December 04-05, Helsinki

Slush is cool. Period. We just wanna be there, listen to good music and meet the leaders of the various industries. Slush symbolizes the fusion of different worlds with this year’s new creativity track added. But it’s not only about broadening the horizons, its core lies in fueling businesses and the emerging startup scene. This event is organized by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. There is a networking going on months before the actual conference and we can only imagine how many business projects may stem from them.

DevFest Florida

November 11, Florida

The biggest developers’ fest in Florida organized by 3 Google Developer Groups (Space Coast, Central Florida, Tampa Bay). It’s only a 1-day event, but it doesn’t mean it won’t be action-packed;) 30 sessions, 31 speakers and 4 tracks. All about Google’s developer technology (Android, Chrome, Drive, Angular, TensorFlow, IoT, Google Cloud platforms and product APIs). Plus, November seems to be a perfect moment to visit the sunshine state;)

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