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Trendwatching#5—The Best UX Design Events You Need to Know

It’s already May and your calendar is probably already full of events to attend in 2018. But if you are still on the lookout for some inspiring UX conferences, we’re sharing our Creative Team recommendations! Starting with MCE 2018, since it’s organized by our team for the fifth time (!) and happening on June 5-6, 2018 in Warsaw! So let’s talk #design!


MCE is one of the biggest tech conferences for engineers and designers in Europe. This year we’re hosting speakers from—among others—Google, DeepMind Health, InVision, Airbnb, Zalando, Nvidia, IBM. Developers will have a chance to attend hands-on talks around mobile (with a strong representation of iOS and Android experts) but also VR/AR and Artificial Intelligence.

Exclusively for this year’s’ event, we’ve developed the VR industrial training inspired game, where the virtual actions of the human player will be followed by the real-life robot player. MCE is happening on the 5th - 6th of June in Warsaw and the good news is—the tickets and group discounts are still available. Check out the full agenda here and find out what stands behind our theme Redefining Tech.

A hand on the computer keyboard and MCE logo in left corner.

UX Week

August in California? Always but this time for a special event. In its 16th year, UX Week takes place in San Francisco from the 21st to 24th of August. The conference gathers design professionals from all over the world to enhance skills and build the community. The talks will cover subjects like human-centered content design, user research, experience design in VR and AR etc. This year UX Week’s keynote speakers are Hannah Beachler, Production Designer at DDA (“Designing Diverse Fictional Landscapes by Using the Past and Present to Inform Futuristic Design”) and Roman Mars, Creator and Host of 99% Invisible podcast (“Design is in the Details”).

The South by Southwest Conference and Festivals

SXSW is not only about design. Over the course of 10 days, the conference gathers tech specialists, media influencers, marketing practitioners, storytellers etc. When it comes to the design track, however, this year’s talks were about (among others): Designing Narratives Around Cultural Identity, Ethical Personality Design: The Future of HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) and Death and Legacy in the Digital Age. 2018 SXSW has already happened, but definitely stay tuned for the 2019 edition announcement — it’s an inspiring event, where everyone can find something for themselves.

Design Matters

Ready for two days of exploring the present and the future of digital design? Come to the lovely city of Copenhagen, September 26-27. Design Matters attracts over 800 UI and UX designers and design leaders from all over the world. The 4th edition won’t be anything less. What is the role and responsibility of the designer in a divided world where the need for change is rising? How being a Design Rebel and going against the trends may lead to innovation and great design? Design Matters is a perfect place to find inspiring and engaging talks and people. You can also take part in various workshops and discussions about the ever-changing role of digital designers.

Audience listening to the talk at the conference.
*The picture comes from the press kit of SXSW Conference.*

Smashing Conference

Aren’t we all reading Smashing Magazine to get all the trends in one place? Their conferences are all about doing instead of just talking with their #noslides policy in place. The cooperation between designers and developers is close to Polidea’s model of work and certainly a smart way to demonstrate knowledge. Happening in Toronto on June 26-27, it is aimed at web designers and developers but certainly would be a great event to attend for all UX/UI designers and developers.


If you’re a Product Manager reading this article, no need to feel left out:) Here’s the event for both you and UX designers. Front combines of the Case Study conference and Product Bootcamp. Over the course of few months, each part takes a couple of days to provide innovative ideas and workshops, delivered by experienced designers and PMs. As the organizers say on the website: “Creating amazing products requires more than brilliant ideas, meticulously crafted interactions, perfect pixels, and cutting-edge technology—it requires a fanatical focus on users and a commitment to producing something that is both useful and desirable. It requires cross-functional teams that listen, iterate, and learn.” Which is why Front is a perfect destination for all the practitioners involved in the design world.

A microphone on stage of SXSW conference.
*The picture comes from the press kit of SXSW Conference.*

UX Strat Conference

UX Strat is a series of events in different parts of the world: XD Immersive in San Francisco, UX Strat EU in Amsterdam, UX Strat USA in Providence plus various workshops and masterclasses organized internationally (for example the closest one in June in Barcelona). The San Francisco Conference was originally planned to take place in May however, the organizers were not satisfied with the lack of diversity in the speaker’s lineup, and so they decided to take more time to perfect it and move the event to October. Now that’s #positivetech!


Layers is a 3-day event taking place during WWDC, where the community hangs out to talk about design and technology. This year it’s held in San Jose California, June 4-6. Here you’ll learn about building successful products, getting more value from your work, new design tools and features, as well as approachable methods for staying motivated and facing project challenges.

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