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Trendwatching#4—Wearable Tech Solutions Everyone Will be Using

The wearable technology is so much more than just smartwatches, like Fitbit and Apple Watch. The market is growing fast and becoming so popular, that it’s affecting our lives and other industries. How? Well, just to name a few: easier health monitoring, expanding the knowledge of our fitness needs and capabilities, helping with anxiety, disabilities or saving money on the health insurance.

CCS Insight expects the wearables market to grow in value from just over $10 billion in 2017 to almost $17 billion by 2021. What is more, according to IDC smart eyewear alone will account for 40% of total revenue of the wearables market.

However, “the future of wearables is not wearables per se. Just like in weather forecasting, the traditional meteorological recording equipment is still needed, but it’s more about analyzing and using that data”, said Riaan Conradie, a computational biologist and founder of LifeQ, during CES conference.

In this Trendwatching article, we gathered for you some exciting and game-changing wearable solutions. Catch up, get inspired and if you have a disruptive wearable project idea yourself—get in touch! We have fantastic designers and engineers who can make it happen!


Humon helps athletes to become their best selves.

Humon Hex is a new device that helps athletes boost endurance and train smarter and safer during the training; whether it’s running or cycling. It came from the idea that people tend to care more about regular check-ups of their cars rather than their bodies. The wearable—which you attach to your thigh with a special band—collects the data about the level of oxygen in your muscles during your workout. The app informs you in real time when you’re reaching your full potential and need some recovery time, or when you are ready to go and able to push yourself even harder. Tested and recommended by real athletes, Humon is a perfect solution even for the regular users, who usually don’t know their bodies and limits that well.

We are happy to say that our developers involved in the development process of Humon. We delivered mobile & web apps for iOS and Android, fully integrated with Humon ecosystem—Humon Hex sensors and the Cloud—using Bluetooth Low Energy technology. You can read more about the project in our work section.

Nokia Steel

Steel by Nokia not only looks good on your wrist, but is basically your personal assistant in an app.

A fancy-looking watch that can help you sleep, stay active, measure your heart rate and BMI? Steel by Nokia not only looks good on your wrist but is basically your personal assistant in an app. Wear the watch like any other accessory and choose one of many features the app offers. By collecting data via Nokia’s patented Connected Movement™ Technology, it checks your blood pressure, your body and muscle fat, counts the steps you made throughout the day, how well and how long you slept last night and motivates you to become more active. You can set a weight goal and a pace of change to track your progress. And, if that’s not enough, when you travel it automatically adjusts your watch to the right time zone.


Looking after your kids can be quite stressful; constantly staying alert while they’re outside playing or walking alone to school. Yes, there are mobile phones now, but what if you don’t want to trust your 10-year-old with a brand new iPhone? This is where Watchu comes in handy. It’s a fun watch for kids and a location tracker in one. It also allows to make two-way phone calls, so your kids can reach you at the touch of a button.


LYS will tell you which light is affecting your body to be more active or to rest.

LYS is a light measuring wearable that uses a technology similar to the one in our eyes’ photoreceptors. Just clip it to your clothes and check your app to manage your data. LYS will tell you which light is affecting your body to be more active or to rest. It can improve your sleeping and the waking up process, as well as teach you how to best manage the time according to your daily biological cycle. LYS might prove useful for people who live the fake-light, urban lifestyle or when they struggle with insomnia.

Moov Now

Moov app can assist you in jogging, cycling, swimming, boxing and circuit training.

It seems that Moov wearable can do it all: assist you in jogging, cycling, swimming, boxing and circuit training. The app offers a lot of training videos, from the beginner level to the most advanced one. During the workouts, it’s letting you know how you’re doing, how to perform the movements, what’s your current speed and time left of each exercise. It actually speaks like a trainer: tells you to soften your landing impact, lengthen your steps, motivates you to keep going or to slow down and recover. According to the review by Techradar, “the accuracy of the sleep tracking and the fiddly design are the only elements that niggle, but otherwise, this is the kind of fitness tracker that all brands should aspire to create.”


Trainers and dieticians have always been telling you that “it’s all in your head”? Well, according to science, it is. Hypothalamus is a special place in our brain that controls the metabolism and fat storage. Modius headset stimulates that place via low-level electrical pulses, which then are interpreted by the brain as a signal to burn fat and decrease your appetite. All this results in becoming leaner—all you have to do it use it for 45 mins, 5 days a week. Modius has been made available to the public last September, so there’s still a lot of data and research to be done. Nevertheless, it sounds promising so far: after three months of using Modius daily, almost 80% of users have lost weight. Now, who didn’t like science classes at school? ;)

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