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Trendwatching: 10 European IoT Startups You Need to Know

Experts predict more than half of new businesses will run on the IoT by 2020. No surprise there is a visible wave of new, upcoming businesses in the Internet of Things field—both in the US and Europe.

We’ve touched on the subject of IoT and wearables last week, in our “Wearable Tech in Business—All You Need to Know” article.

When it comes to the Internet of Things and business, today we’re focusing on the top European startups you need to know. Enjoy our examples and share with us what other interesting products and companies immersed in the IoT and BLE technology you know!

Luke Roberts

Luke Roberts lamp

A lot of devices are ‘smart’ these days. However, very few are actually useful. Fluxo is definitely be one of them. According to the producers, it’s ‘the world smartest lamp’ that you can adjust to your specific needs at any point of the day. It not only uses different light colors and warmth (blue for work, yellow for relaxing), it can also direct a specific light beam onto objects and sections of a room. A free app allows you to move the light in any direction and save set up ‘scenes’ however you want, thanks to the „Paint Your Light“ Technology. If that wasn’t enough, Fluxo lamp is good for the environment—it has built-in motion sensors and turns itself on automatically whenever you’re in the room.

“Luke Roberts lamp learns from your behavior based on usage pattern, time of day and surrounding light to give you the perfect light whenever you turn it on.” — Robert Kopka, Founder & Managing Director at Luke Roberts



When technology meets nature! Did you know that indoor air can be 5 times more polluted than outdoor? Taking into consideration that we spend so much time at home, we should definitely dedicate more attention to the quality of air that we breathe. Clairy sounds like a perfect Internet of Things solution—environmentally-friendly and beautifully designed by Italian artisans. Thanks to the sensors and Clairy mobile app, it becomes easy to monitor the air quality but also temperature and humidity levels. The device itself naturally fits into the interiors—it’s a small flower pot connected with your smartphone or tablet that provides real-time monitoring. What really impressed us was the cooperation between Clairy and a non-profit organization Eden Reforestation Projects (helping to restore forests in developing countries)—each Clairy sold means donating for 10 new trees.

“The amazing thing about Clairy products is that they combine the power of technology and nature with the beauty of design to remove indoor pollution and analyze it. Beautiful design is essential for the success of a great technology backed product. “ — Paolo Ganis, Co-founder & CEO of Clairy


Nuki smart lock

Nuki is the first smart doorlock produced in and for Europe. You know when you carry loads of grocery bags and have problems finding your keys once at the door? Well, now your key can be connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone and let you in automatically. The app also informs you whether your close ones got home safe and sound and gives you control over who do you remotely let into your home (eg. a handyman). Plus - it looks pretty cool;)


Novo radiator valve

In our households, the majority of our energy is wasted. Novo gives the users a chance to live more green and save up money in the same time. It’s a smart radiator valve that allows you to control the temperature remotely via an app. You can choose different temperature schedules for different rooms and turn your radiators on and off when you’re away, thanks to the geolocation. Novo can also adjust the temperature automatically. According to the website, Novo can help you save up to 30% on your energy bills.


Keecker IoT robot

A screen, security device, camera and stereo in one? That’s Keecker a great looking robot for your household. This wire-free HomePod can move wherever you want and project the screen onto any surface—even your ceiling. You can control it via WiFi with your smartphone and integrate it with every app, like Netflix, Spotify or YouTube. It also has built-in sensors and learns the set up of your home to report to you if something is wrong—and if it is, you can check it yourself thanks to the 360 degrees camera that projects the image onto your phone.

At Keecker we feel home safety and security will be transformed through “Intelligent and Autonomous” devices, that provide not just an image or an alarm, but can prevent intrusion, report multiple issue types and cover homes broadly. In time the ability of devices like Keecker to move by themselves, learn from their environment will enable them to proactively detect problems and alert users in real time without complex programming. - Pierre Lebeau, CEO of Keecker


BeeLine bike tracker

BeeLine makes bike navigation simple by giving the users more freedom. The wearable is based on a simple compass—an arrow points you to the direction of your destination and tells you how far away you are. The good part? You choose your own route, without getting lost or late. Not feeling like trying new routes today? No worries–switch from the Compass mode to the Route mode and mark your preferred track. With the award-winning design BeeLine is a perfect Internet of Things solution for every biker/city-explorer.


Moona pillow

Ever wondered why do we flip our pillow to the cold side when we can’t fall asleep? There’s actually a scientific reason for that—to fall asleep our body needs to drop the temperature by 1°C. When we wake up, it’s the other way round—our body needs to warm up. Moona is a pillow temperature regulation device that improves sleep. The device regulates your head temperature and your sleep cycle by controlling how warm the water inside the pillow pad is. Moona comes with an app which gives you detailed data on your sleep quality and improvements. Good night!


Nuimo IoT device

Nuimo by Senic is a small, modest in design device that lets you control you music, lights, locks and more with few simple, intuitive touch-based inputs. It uses a LED matrix to display information, like a timer or a symbol of an app. The Nuimo IoT device was designed to make people stare less at their computer screens and spend more time with each other. According to their website, by “combining design and technology, we are creating experiences in the home that promote human wellbeing.”

“We believe that the next generation of technological interfaces will be embedded in the objects, materials and surfaces all around us. This technology will support us seamlessly, letting us focus on the things that really matter.” — Tobias Eichenwald, CEO & Co-Founder of Senic


Ava wearable

The world is flooded with Internet of Things devices, yet when it comes to women’s health there is still no much improvement. This is where Ava comes in—an FDA registered wearable that tracks women’s cycle. It gives insights about the fertility, pregnancy and health. Ava bracelet is to be worn while sleeping, when it can track physiological parameters not influenced by any activity. After waking up, you simply sinc the bracelet with the app and check your heart and breathing rate, skin temperature, heat loss, the quality of your sleep and much more data. It can help you predict whether your fertile days are coming, your body is under a lot of stress or when you’re coming up with a cold before even knowing it.


Cognitive health

BrainWaveBank allows you to measure your cognitive health by…playing some mobile games for a few minutes a day. Sounds interesting? A special headset measures and collects the data, tracking your performance over time. The app shows you how activity, diet or sleep can affect your performance and teaches you to adjust your lifestyle for a better cognitive health. BrainWaveBank can also have a positive impact on the brain health in general—the platform can gather, store and analyze data from thousands of users, creating health profiles of not only individual users, but also specific demographics. The data could support clinical trials and the development of mental health therapies.

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