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Top Wearable Startups from Europe—Healthcare & Wellness

[We give you some of the best wearable tech companies in Europe. Today, we focused on wearable health technology products that might prove to be useful in your daily life. Dive in!


112Motion connects patients, doctors, caretakers and families through patented centered health care solutions. The company provides a wearable that detects an elderly person’s fall and sends information to their close ones, as well as software which offers real-time analysis of wearable data, and data movement visualization. Their main goal is to turn data into actionable and understandable information, for the sake of the patients.


Snooor is an anti-snoring wearable device. You place it on your forehead before going to sleep and the wearable gently vibrates each time you’re positioned on your back, and not on your side instead. This way, you slowly and delicately train your body to sleep in a snore-free position. For centuries, positional therapy has been considered the most effective anti-snoring strategy, and now it can be enhanced with help from a wearable tech such as Snooor.

A couple sleeping in their bed. A man is wearing a wearable on his forehead. Source: Snooor Press Kit


According to research, 2 out of 3 kids in Sweden are active below recommendations. The Lifee smart wearable band motivates kids to stay active through gamification. They get points for moving, or for playing the AR mobile game. Lifee brings results: the number of kids reaching WHO’s goal increased by 87% thanks to using the wearable, and 100% of schools are experiencing increased motivation to be active.


FeetMe offers solutions to assess, rehabilitate and assist patients suffering from mobility disorders. Their smart devices combine wearable sensors and embedded algorithms: FeetMe Evaluation (a mobile app and device which collects, analyzes, and visualizes data), FeetMe Rehabilitation (a real-time smartphone-based biofeedback solution composed of rehabilitation exercises), and FeetMe Stimulate (a device using neuromodulation techniques to improve gait quality and capacity in the real world).


Firstbeat offers heart rate variability (HRV) based analysis technology for better well-being of people in the corporate and sports environment. The Firstbeat Life device measures stress, recovery and exercise levels, giving wellness professionals, coaches and employers an upper hand in identifying the steps towards a full and balanced life for those under their care. Today, Firstbeat analytics is used in over 40 countries by thousands of happy users.

Two fitness coaches are talking. Source: Firstbeat Press Kit


Kolibree is dedicated to the innovation of connected health solutions. Their recent product Ara is the first toothbrush that uses Artificial Intelligence for better oral hygiene for kids and adults. The AI, together with an interactive mobile app, monitor the brushing time and style, educate kids and their parents on how to brush more efficiently, and help improve hygiene overall. Additionally, the app is full of fun games, turning brushing teeth into a fun experience for children.


Through analyzing real-time data, Ellcie wants to improve health awareness, wellness and security. Their smart glasses can detect falls in real-time and alert emergency personnel, detect drowsiness while driving to prevent accidents, and help managers meet the security and protection commitments of carriers. The company is working on embedded systems that collect data on pollution, wearer’s attention, stress levels, musculoskeletal disorders, and light exposure.


Footbar created a small sensor that, once placed behind a player’s calf, evaluates their performance. The activity tracker, together with AI analyzes their every move, pass, shot, dribble, tackle etc. during the game. Additionally, thanks to the data being collected by the wearable fitness tracker, the system assigns you points and ranks you among other players. Now there won’t be any doubt about who’s the best!

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